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Miniature rubber band ... MINIGUN

Miniature rubber band ... MINIGUN

Miniature rubber band ... MINIGUN

An American company with the graceful name "Weaponized T-Rex" will release their variation of the XM556 Micro Gun (something like a handheld version of the M134 chambered for the 5.56 x 45 mm ammunition) created from wood and firing rubber bands. The drive is provided by a large electric motor powered by 8 AA batteries with a total voltage of 12V.

Shooting takes place with the help of two triggers. The first is in the grip at the back of the replica, which causes the "barrels" to spin up and the second is behind the front grip and is responsible for releasing the rubber bands from the latches. The toy has 12 barrels with hooks, each of them holding 12 bands, which gives us 144 shots. Reloading takes about 5 minutes.

The toy is 56 cm long and is made mainly of wood. It is available in the form of a finished product or a DIY kit. The cost is 188 USD for the DIY version in the natural wood color, and 198 USD for a version that is ready for use. The black version costs 10 USD more. It will become available in January.



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