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MP5 finally for civilians
MP5 finally for civilians

MP5 finally for civilians

MP5 finally for civilians
MP5 finally for civilians

Its great news for collectors and sport shooters will no longer be "doomed" to use licensed copies of one of the most iconic products of the Oberndorf factory - the MP5 submachine gun.


Heckler und Koch, known for its restrictive sales policy for the civilian market, announced that a full-size version of the classic MP5 A5 will soon be available in the US.


The SP5 pistol, because that is its trade name, will be available with a classic triangular handguard, but without a stock. This will probably be available for purchase from the manufacturer or, as an aftermarket part, from one of the manufacturers of weapon accessories.



MP5 handguards can be found in the offers of Magpul and Midwest Industries.



The information was very much welcomed by H&K MP5 fans due to the very limited number of original weapons available on the civilian market. Less demanding customers could settle for licensed clones of Turkish or Pakistani companies, or the shorter SP5K model - i.e. Kurtz.


According to sources, the price of the SMG with two 10 or 30 round magazines in the US is expected to be 2799 USD. 10, 15 and 30 round magazines will cost 80 USD each. 


Will we see the MP5/SP5 in Poland? What will its price be? The SP5K model could be purchased for around 9-10,000 PLN.

Sources: magpul.com, thefirearmblog.com,heckler-koch.com



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