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The premiere of the new Glock!
The premiere of the new Glock!

The premiere of the new Glock!

The premiere of the new Glock!
The premiere of the new Glock!

Speculations were endless, and the truth is - a rimfire pistol. Therefore the new Glock pistol is chambered for the .22LR round.




Below are the first photos taken from the Internet and impressions from tests and visual inspections.

The GLOCK 44 pistol is operates and shoots exactly like the 5th generation G19. The G44 is intended to be a replacement for training in the use of the Glock 19 pistol.

Apart from the recoil and the weight of the weapon, shooting with a G44 is very similar to shooting a G19. The trigger is a classic Glock trigger with its pros and cons. The G44 magazines have the same size and shape as G19 magazines, so reloading is done in the same way. Magazines freely fall out of the magwill after pressing the magazine release button, the slide remains in the rear position after the last round is fired and it is released after pressing the slide lock.



Testers of the new G44, after firing several thousand rounds of ammunition, found that the weapon works equally well using subsonic, standard and high velocity ammunition. Problems with feeding and jams supposedly also happened, but only while using one batch of ammunition from one particular manufacturer which, unfortunately, was not named.

In addition, problems with the feeding and operation of the weapon are apparently related to the arrangement of rounds in the magazine. According to reviewers, the correct arrangement of ammunition in the magazine, with accordance to the manufacturer's instructions, should eliminate the problem with feeding and reloading the weapon.

Some specifications of the new G44:

     Caliber: .22lr
     Magazine capacity: 10 rounds
     Barrel profile: hexagonal
     Barrel length: 4.02 inch / 102 mm
     Weight (without magazine): 12.63 oz / 358 gr
     Weight (empty magazine): 14.74 oz / 418 gr
     Weight (loaded magazine): 15.94 oz / 452 gr
     Length (total): 7.28 inches / 185 mm
     Width: 1.26 inch / 32 mm
     Height (with magazine): 128 mm

Finally, Glock joins the group of other well-known producers, such as CZ, S&W or Sig Sauer, who offer pistols in the .22LR caliber or conversion kits for existing guns.

<iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/RPI-1mIYlbk?wmode=opaque" allowfullscreen="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" />

We invite you to look at the photos of the new Glock 44 and follow the news about it on WMASG!









Source: thefirearmblog.com



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