Baribal pants!

Baribal pants!
A tactical equipment manufacturer from Lublin is proposing of new pants this time around
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Baribal pants!

Information from the producer, which WMASG is publishing first:

"Baribal, a Polish brand known for making such products as the Tactical Wallet called Weles or the Mini EDC Waist Pouch, wants to offer the possibility of ordering the first product of its line of clothing, which are the Baribal Tactical Pants.

The famous equipment configurator, as with other products, is to enable the order pants with a wide range of additional options. Thanks to the fact that they are to be sewn to order after purchase, a wide range of sizes and their modifications will be available, and also making them with a low/high waist, leg pullers or belt adjustment. You can also choose additional pockets, Cargo packets, internal compartments and organizers, that will allow you to tailor the functionality of the pants to your needs.

The NYCO fabrics used in the USA, meeting the strict mil-spec standards, will guarantee high durability of the product. Additional reinforcements made of Cordura®, inserts made of elastic material that is resistant to damage, or ventilation openings with zippers and a mesh covering the body, will further increase comfort is wearing them in difficult conditions.


In addition, the configurator will also contain various types of handles, hooks for laces, belt loops and even MOLLE straps. The pictures show one of the prototypes equipped with reinforcements on the bottom of the legs, hooks for laces, elastic drawstrings at the bottom of the leg, ergonomic, reinforced knees with a drawstring, pockets along the thigh, enabling to conveniently carry even large smartphones, low-profile Cargo pockets with zippers, ventilation above the knees, on the femoral groin and on the back of the thighs, internal pockets in the front and rear pockets, built-in waist adjustment with low-profile steel hooks that do not obstruct the straps.

The available range of colors is to include black, olive, Camogrom, Wz.93, Pencott Greenzone and Badlands.

Elastic fabrics are also planned to provide exceptional comfort, wind and water resistance, as well as high breathability. We will know how the final version looks during the premiere in the coming months. The price is not yet determined. "


In this article
PAGE 1: Baribal pants!
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