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Polski kamuflaż MAPA

02.11.2016Author: szmergluComments: 79

Polacy już w 2012 roku eksperymentowali z kamuflażem, który dziś mógłby się kojarzyć wszystkim z Pencottem. Czy słusznie? Oceńcie sami, gdyż podano informację o wznowieniu prac rozwojowych.

In 2012 a graduate of the Architecture and Design department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk,  r Maciej Dojlitko worked on the new camo pattern and the end effect of which you can admire below. 

Mapa polish pencott

Mapa cammo pattern polish pencott

Unfortunately in 2013, just after the successful attempt to register three types of colour schemes of this camo pattern, the work seemed to have stoped.


Mapa polish cammo pencott

Thankfully, the project did not die and is still in developed. We can expect more details about the comparison of MAPA with the most popular competition soon.


Mapa specops

Mapa specops

Looking at the photos above, do you think that if MAPA would have been released earlier, could it threaten the position of some of the modern popular camo patterns?




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