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Specshop Arma Tech ładowarka lipo

07.07.2017Author: szmergluComments: 7

Sklep Specshop poinformował nas o wprowadzeniu do oferty bardzo interesującej ładowarki Lipo od Arma Tech

SpecShop.pl - Arma Tech - B3 Pro Battery Charger - LiPo


Arma Tech lipo charger (1).jpg

New design of easy compact balance charger B3 Pro for 2 and 3 cells LiPo battery fast charging with wide AC input.

An internal 100-240 V AC switch power is built in, and the high precision balance circuit can supply larger current up to 800 mA per cell.


Arma Tech lipo charger (2).jpg

Double colour LED can display the process of charging (RED: charging; GREEN: full).

This charger is compact and light, especially there is separated corresponding balance port for each battery pack.


Arma Tech lipo charger (3).jpg



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