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Airsoft Surgeon: gumka hop up do replik 1911 KWC

06.08.2017Author: FishboneeComments: 6

Nowy produkt od Airsoft Surgeon.

Owners of gas powered replicas from the 1911 family in the KWC system cannot boast about the number of replacement and tuning parts available n the market. Fortunately, Airsoft Surgeon meet their expectations and added a new hop up bucking to its offer. The manufacturer declares that that by using a special nub spinning the BBs it is possible to achieve up to 40% greater range of the pistol using 0,36g BBs.






The product is compatible with the following replicas:

- RWA (SPSFalcon, Cover Ops, Recon)
- KWC 1911
- Cybergun/KWC 1911
- Elite Force CO2 Blowback 1911
- Cybergun/KWC Tangfolio


The workings of the hop up bucking can be seen in the following video:



The part costs 9 USD.





Redwolf Airsoft

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