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JW GROM poszukuje nowych samopowtarzalnych karabinów precyzyjnych [AKTUALIZACJA]

26.08.2017Author: FishboneeComments: 14

Operatorzy jednostki postawili na tylko jednego producenta - LaRue Tactical.



GROM Military Unit announced a tender for new semi-automatic rifles. The operators chose the LaRue Tactical as the preferred supplier. Unfortunately, the data regarding the Specifications Crucial for the Order Requirements are confidential and known only to the potential suppliers, to which invitations to place their offers were sent. What is known is the fact the the highly scored criteria are the price and the warranty period. The winner will have to deliver the weapons to the headquarters of the body conducting the tender by the end of November 2017. 

It is possible that the unit will receive the semi-automatic rifles from the OBR 7.62(Optimized Battle Rifle) family from the LaRue offer, which are available in versions with a long, precision barrel and a configuration allowing for mounting additional accessories - sights, a laser, a bipod etc. 


[UPDATE 26.08.17]

Only one offer has been put for the tender, by a company from Katowice - Works11. According to MilMag, the value of the offer is 570 960 PLN (702 280.80 PLN with 23% VAT). The rifles will have 24-month warranty and the order will be completed until 30 November 2017. The LaRue rifles will replace the old SR-25 from Knights Armament Co.




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