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Nowy wspólny projekt VFC i PTS: VPSC

07.12.2017Author: Fishbonee

Już w pierwszej połowie 2018 roku pojawią się nowe produkty będące owocem współpracy firm. 


Wszystkie repliki będą wyposażone w autorski system VFC Virgo oraz liczne akcesoria od PTS. Co ciekawe, elementem zestawu Virgo System będzie silnik bezszczotkowy, który to 


Great News airsoft players! VFC and PTS are proud to announce the FIRST EVER collaboration project (VPSC), incorporating the VFC Virgo System with PTS Licensed Accessories and in-house designed EP Series Accessories in an AR-15 airsoft gun.

VFC Virgo System is the first electronic trigger system developed by VFC. This electronic trigger system has three programmed groups of firing modes; firstly, Safe-Semi-Full Auto; secondly, Safe-Semi-3 round burst; lastly, Safe-3 round burst-Full Auto. Also, the Virgo System includes a MOSFET for increased longevity as well as a fuse. Finally, the most exciting feature of the VFC-PTS collaboration project is that the Virgo system has a brushless motor!

This co-operative project will release two different versions. MK1 has PTS Fortis REV™ Free Float 9” Cutout Rail, PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock (EPS) and PTS Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sight (BUIS) with the VFC Virgo System. MK2 has PTS Centurion Arms C4 7” Rail, PTS Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sight (BUIS) with VFC Virgo System. These will be available in the first half of 2018. For more information, stay tuned with us on Facebook!






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