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IWA 2019 : BOLT Airsoft

12.03.2019 Author: NAWE_Mario Comments: 3

A company from Taiwan, famous for the making replicas with the B.R.S.S. (type of EBB system) presented a lot of new products during IWA 2019

The first of the new products is a replica called the ELITE PDW. It is a prototype of a PDW style carbine in the AR15 system.

It is equipped with a recently "trendy" PDW type telescopic stock known, for example, from the HK416C carbines. The ELITE PDW is to have a front using the M Lok system and magazines compatible with the TM standard. The expected price is 320 Euro. The replicas are supposed to hit the shelves at the turn of April and May. 

Another now product is the SD5 and SD6 series stock adapter called the SWAT SD TAC.

According to the BOLT company representative, it is to ensure an increase in the recoil effect of a replica.

The company also presented rails for its AKSU74 carbines.

At the booth, you could also see the B4A1 replica with a new bed in the Key Mod system front. The replica is to have an ETU module installed as standard, to which it will be possible to connect using bluetooth.

Finally, we want to present a product that BOLT Airsoft plans to devote exclusively to the Military/LE market. A series of replicas signed with the letters TD (Training Division) was created in cooperation and commissioned by Italian special units that need of cheaper alternatives to Force on Force training than using Simunition type ammunition.

According to the Italian representative of the company, replicas differ from standard airsoft ones, among other things, with a larger diameter of the inner barrel (to facilitate cleaning after training in difficult conditions including dirt and moisture), complete resistance to salt water and internal insulation ensuring water resistance. The replicas are to be available for Military/LE units in the AR15 carbine and the MP5 submachine gun versions. The price will be about 1200 Euro. The manufacturer does not plan to sell replicas on the civilian market.

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