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VS-24 and VS-25 -Keymod fronts for AK replicas

20.03.2019 Author: Czoper Comments: 0

New TWI products have just hit the stores

Some time ago at the TWI (Tactical Weapon Industries) profile, photos of VS-24 and VS-25 front prototypes were presented:

Yesterday, the Octagon Airsoft store has informed that they have included those fronts into their offer.

The VS-24 and the VS-25 fronts differ in length. The VS-24 is a version for the AKM and AK74 carbines. The shorter VS-25 is intended for shortened versions of the carbine like the AK-104 or the AK-105. Both versions are available in two color variants - black and sand.

Black versions cost 115 USD, and sand versions 135 USD (plus shipping and any additional fees).

Below are some inspirational photos from the Lazarev Tactical profile.

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