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Specshop.pl has informed us about a fresh delivery of Magpul accessories

Specshop.pl consistently extends the range of Magpul products in its offer. The latest delivery includes, among others:

PMAG Gen M3 magazines for the AR15 rifles in hard to obtain Medium Coyote Tan colour. This version has no inspection ports.

Price: 96.00 PLN

PMAG magazines for G36 rifles

Price: 179.00 PLN

and Steyr AUG

Price: 128.00 PLN

ACS-L and MOE Fixed Carbine Stocks for 423.00 PLN and 158.00 PLN respectively.

Pistol grips for AR15 and AK system rifles and side panels for 1911 series pistols.

Prices from 92.00 PLN to 166.00 PLN

And to the so-called "magpul" floor plate covers for the AR15 PMAG Gen M3 magazines

 Price: 77.00 PLN (for a set of 3)

The offer is supplemented by an interesting accessory - an flash hider cover which is approx. 5.5 cm long and 1.5 inch in diameter.

The cover improves temperature dissipation by keeping it at a safe level.

The design is based on rings fastened to the silencer, which are coated with a heat resistant polymer. The shield increases the active surface of heat dissipation, and the fastening rings provide a space that improves ventilation.

The reduction of heat in the most favorable conditions allows to obtain a temperature difference of 530°C between the surface of the flash hider and the surface of the cover. The disc's design has been adapted so that it does not adversely affect the thermal expansion phenomenon.

Price: 529.00 PLN

And to become a complete Magpul-freak you can get a nice Mid Crown Sixer cap

trucker style:

Price: 114.00 PLN

Source: specshop.pl

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