Weight, muzzle velocity, consistency

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We check and compare the basic parameters of BBs of the most commonly used weights

0.28 g BBs

Brands: G&G, PJ, PJ Bio, Specna Arms Core, Specna Arms Core Bio, Kilo 9, Kilo 9 Bio, Guarder, BLS, BLS Bio


We were weighing BBs in groups of 10. The graph illustrates a group's arithmetic mean weight.
The average weight of the reference G&G BB is 0.279 g.

Weight: average - 0.282 g, spread - 0.013 g

Muzzle velocity measurements

Testing platform: APS UAR with an M110 SHS spring. The test was carried out on our own enclosed shooting range, at an ambient temperature of 19°C using a XCORTECH X3500 chronograph.

The graph shows the average (median) value of 10 shots for each type of BBs.
Reference G&G BBs result: 402.35 fps. The box shows the average value and spread for the whole group.

Muzzle velocity: average - 396.2 fps, spread - 9.02 fps

Consistency of muzzle velocity measurements

The graph illustrates the spread (difference) between the highest and lowest values within 10 shots for each type of BBs.
Reference G&G BBs result: spread 1.9 fps. The box shows the values calculated for the whole group.

Consistency (spread of 10 results), less = better: average - 7.45 fps, spread - 14 fps


As the price determinant, we assumed the cost of filling a standard hi-cap magazine for the M4/M16 (AR-15) replica.
Prices are calculated based on the offer of leading Polish online stores.

PRICE FOR 300 BBs (AR-15 type hi-cap magazine): average - 3.16 PLN, spread - 2.24 PLN

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