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Silver versions of famous Marui replicas

27.06.2019Author: CzoperComments: 0

Tokyo Marui has completed its offer for "beginners"

The "new" replicas are the Colt Python PPC Custom version with a 6-inch barrel:

and HiCapa 5.1 in the AEP version:

Both are new color versions (stainless steel) of already known replicas:

Both look great on photos. Let's look at the details:

However, many of you may find a certain "flaw" of both replicas as they belong to specific product lines. The Python is a spring powered revolver generating a muzzle velocity of 200 fps. Using the "proper" terminology, it works on the principle of single action. To fire a shot you have to pull back the hammer to apply tension to the spring. The BBs are loaded into dummy cartridges (one in each cartridge) which are in turn loaded into the cylinder.

HiCapa belongs to the AEP group, is powered by four AAA batteries and has a muzzle velocity of 280 fps. The replica has two firing modes, single and full auto. The slide moves while shooting. The mode is changed by a switch placed just before the trigger, at the bottom of the frame (see photo above). The batteries are placed in the grip, so the magazine that holds 16 BBs looks like this:

Interestingly, the classic safety switch integrated into the grip is functional. The replica does not shoot if it is not held properly.

The prices of black version in online stores in Asia (Redwolf) are:

Python PPC Custom 6 - 46 USD, HiCapa - 36 USD.

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