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In January 2018, Ezgul has described a new product at that time, the Army Action T10 replica, based on the proven Tokyo Marui VSR system. Today the new T11 and controversial T11s are nothing but the T10 replica in a slightly different package.

We received both replicas in identical cardboard boxes, differing only with the sticker indicating the variant placed inside. The contents of both sets are also almost identical. The only difference is that the shorter version (the T11s) has an additional massive handstop attached. As you will see in a moment, technically both replicas are also almost the same.

Basic technical parameters
- overall length: 1080/780 mm (T11/T11s);
- inner barrel length: 430/300 mm (T11/T11s);
- weight (without a magazine): 2115/1730 g (T11/T11s);
- magazine capacity: 50 BBs;
- muzzle velocity: 290 fps (using 0.2 g BBS).

Someone who took note of the length of inner barrels has probably immediately noticed that these are the same lengths as in the T10 and the T10-S replicas that are already available on the market. The conclusion is obvious. The T10 and the T10-S are one design in two versions differing in the length of the inner barrel: 430 and 300 mm. The T11 and the T11s are still the same rifle with two barrel lengths, but this time mounted in a slightly less futuristic stock, and the T11s has no buttstock.

A small digression here. Probably a lot of you will start to wonder what is this invention: a "stockless sniper rifle". I am not a specialist, but I can cite several examples from memory of such designs had been and are still being made in the "real world". The first example that comes to my mind: a "homemade custom" modified using a saw done as a result of damage to the barrel or the buttstock. The second one are users from specific "professional groups" for whom the ability to covertly carry or conceal weapons, such as poachers or all sorts of fighters, was important. The third example are those who simply want to have one, because they have such a need and money to do so. A few photos to back my examples, including the brand new Remington 700 CP, which we wrote about recently.

And this is probably all on the subject of the T11s being a "reasonable" design. Remember, we are talking about toys. And everyone plays as they like.

Returning to the description of the replica ...

First impression

Any judgement of the looks of both replicas is completely subjective. I will just say this, I like the modern and aggressive look of the T10 more. In the T11, the stock has a design somewhat similar to classic bolt-action rifles. It sits somewhere in the middle between the VSR-10 "hunting" stock, as Egzul called it, and the space-age T10 stock. The "heavy" outer barrel with a diameter of 3 cm, due to the color and screwed on cap at its end, looks a bit like a toy. Attention is drawn to the "magazine" placed in the slot directly under the chamber.Of course, for design reasons, it is only a dummy. The real magazine is where we expect it to be. However, Action Army has once again gave the dummy some additional function. In the T10 there was a space for carrying an additional functional magazine. The T11 contains a complete set of Allen keys necessary for servicing the replica. To open the storage compartment, first slide the bottom of the magazine off. We did not have the opportunity to check it, but it seems that the dummy magazines used in the T10 and the T11 replicas are interchangeable.

When holding the replica in your hands you can feel the overall rigidity of its structure. The stock, which is made of reinforced polymer, is hard and does not bend in any noticeable way. The delicate texture means that the surface is not slippery. On both sides of the front part there are prominent undercuts, which noticeably improve the grip of the supporting hand. The shape and the length of the stock in the T11 are designed in such a way that, despite the lack of any adjustment, most shooters should not complain about its ergonomics.

The first attempts at aiming revealed a slight flaw in both the T11 and the T11s. When you shake the rifle you can hear a slight clatter. The sound source is the bolt handle (which in itself it large and very comfortable to use). The problem will disappear when the steel ball responsible for keeping the handle in its extreme position will hold it tighter.

The replicas are quite pleasant (read: OK) to shoot from. As I mentioned earlier, the bolt handle is large and comfortable, so reloading the T11 does not pose any difficulties. The factory installed spring is not hard. When standing, you can shoot again and again without lifting the buttstock from the shoulder. It's a bit harder in the T11s. The lack of buttstock forces a different grip of the weapon. If you want to shoot relatively quickly, probably the most convenient way to do it shooting from the hip and aim by looking at the BBs trajectory while reload the replica with the right hand (for right-handed shooters).

The design

Technically, the T11 is a slightly modified by Action Army variation of the VSR-10 replica. Like all replicas of this type, it consists of two main parts: a stock and a barrel assembly with a chamber chamber and a cylinder. Disassembly is done in a typical way. You have to unscrew 3 screws: in the back of the trigger guard, just in front of the dummy magazine slot and the last one just in front of the magazine. Below is a part of the mechanism removed from the stock.

Further steps are identical to the other VSR type replicas.

The Hop-Up chamber is just a bit but thoughtfully modified TM design. The adjustment system remained on the left side of the replica, just between the stock and the outer barrel. The factory inner barrel is made of brass and has an internal diameter of 6.03 mm. Of course, AAC's offer includes accessory 6.01 mm barrels.

Another factory upgrade is the trigger mechanism with a 90 degree piston hook.


Detachable T11 buttstock

The T11/T11s stock is designed in a modular way. The basic module for both replicas is the main part of the stock in which the barrel and the chamber are placed. The next module is an interchangeable grip panel that allow you to change its shape and size. The third module is a buttstock used in the T11, which can be easily disconnected, e.g. during transport. To do this, simply unscrew one screw. Of course, the appropriate key can be found in the magazine dummy.

The buttstock itself has a back plate made of a slightly softer but still hard material.

On the left side there is a wide metal carrying sling swivel. Left-handed people will probably be pleased that it can be easily moved to the right side.

Interchangeable grip panels 

I mentioned earlier about the possibility of adjusting the shape and the size of the grip by replacing its front panel. The element specified as M (medium) is supplied with the replica. Two additional ones, S (small) and L (large), will be available separately at a later date. 

The panel is secured with one of the screws securing the barrel and chamber assembly to the stock. After unscrewing the panel, simply slide it off the guides.

Of course, before doing that you have to unscrew the buttstock (in the T11) or the grip bottom plug (in the T11s).

QD sockets

In the place where the T11 has a screw securing the buttstock, the T11s has a QD socket for mounting a carrying sling swivel.

A second identical QD socket is located in both replicas in the front part of the stock, just in front of the proper magazine slot (red arrow). The green arrow shows the magazine release button.

Accessory rails mounting sockets

In the front part of the stock, at the bottom, two metal threads are embedded in the stock, on which you can attach a short Picatinny rail supplied with the replica. Of course, it can be used to attach a bipod or other accessories. The T11s are factory fitted with hand stopper. In the same place, but on the sides of the stock, identically metal threads were placed, six per side.

The magazine

In the set with the replica we get a magazine holding 50 BBs. It is interchangeable with other VSR magazines. The transparent material allows you to easily control the amount of ammunition left in the magazine which, during our tests, did not cause any problems. When inserting the magazine, you have to push it slightly until you hear a soft click. After pressing the magazine release button, the magazine automatically ejects from the slot. Undercuts in the bottom of the magazine make it easier to hold it in the right way.

Muzzle velocity test and target shooting test

Because we tested the both versions of the T10 replicas after replacing the spring with an M150, we decided to carry out the T11 test in the factory configuration. We think that this will help you to get a better idea about what is possibly worth replacing in the T10/T11 replicas.

For our test we used 0.2g Open Blaster BBs. Other test parameters: XCORTECH X3500 chrono, temperature 25°C, Hop-Up set to zero.

Muzzle velocity test - T11
1. 295.5
2. 297.0
3. 295.0
4. 295.4
5. 284.8
6. 295.8
7. 296.2
8. 295.5
9. 297.1
10. 286.0

Muzzle velocity test - T11s
1. 290.0
2. 292.2
3. 229.5
4. 293.0
5. 288.0
6. 291.2
7. 290.0
8. 291.0
9. 291.7
10. 290.6

Target shooting test. Hop-Up was properly set. Distance to target - 25 meters. Shooting from a lying position, replicas supported on a backpack. No pressure, no drinks. 10 shots have been fired. All in order.


The maximum spread between hit marks - 10 cm.


The maximum spread between hit marks - 17 cm.


I will not judge the appearance of both replicas. Both may or may not be liked for their looks. A similar case concerns the T11s, which has no buttstock. This toy is dedicated for those who are looking for exactly such a solution. In my opinion, there is no point in discussing usefulness, accuracy or maneuverability. There is no breakthrough in quality of the T11. The quality of Action Army products has been good for a long time now. In turn, the T11 is technically the same as its twin model, the T10. In other words, confirmed by Ezguls tests of the T10, it has a very high potential. And the rest of the replica is technically a VSR.

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