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Delivery from Action Sport Games at

14.08.2019 Author: Regdorn Comments: 0

Good news for fans of M40 rifles.

We got a message from

We restocked warehouse with products from the well known manufacturer, Action Sport Games. The delivery included a set of replicas and a wide selection of tuning parts. The classic M40 sniper rifles in the modern A3 version with full manufacturer's markings will be a great choice for those who prefer to keep the enemy at a distance. Three versions will allow you to adjust the parameters to your needs. Excellent Infinity CNC and Boost Custom engines will increase the performance of AEG replicas, and a range of Strike Systems accessories will improve their functionality. In addition, several small arms, including the proven CZ P-09 and the exotic Beretta 93R, will be great as a supplement to our offer.

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