The CM.098A - AR-10 replica by Cyma

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A long type gearbox, a 7.62x51 magazine... a DMR from the new Cyma Platinum line.

The CM.098 replicas is the second in series of replicas from the new Cyma Platinum product line. This time we are dealing with replicas of the AR-10 rifle, i.e. which are originally chambered for the stronger .308 Winchester round (7.62x51 NATO). In our airsoft reality, this type of replicas are, in most cases, powered by a mechanism built on the basis of an extended V2 gearbox frame, popularly called V2 long type. And this is exactly the case with the CM.098.

At the moment, the series consists of 3 replicas. The first is a variation on the SR-25 rifle with a fixed stock, a 12-inch free float handguard with four Picatinny rails and a 500 mm long inner barrel. A quick-release silencer is also included.

Two other replicas are rifles with modern M-LOK standard handguards and telescopic stocks. They differ only in handguard and barrel lengths. The replica we tested is the CM.098A with a 14.5-inch long handguard and a 400 mm long inner barrel.

The 098B has a 16-inch long handguard and a 500 mm long inner barrel.

Coming back to the tested replica… 

The set contains: the replica, a hi-cap magazine holding 500 BBs, a cleaning rod, a manual, a quality control certificate with results of factory muzzle velocity measurements and a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery with a capacity of 1200mAh and the simplest possible charger. As usual, in the description of the replica at the store's website, we will find information that the battery and the charger supplied only for star up purposes. Therefore, you should consider buying another battery and a dedicated charger.

Basic technical parameters:

- overall length (collapsed/extended stock): 880/960 mm;
- weight: 3200 g;
- inner barrel length: 400 mm;
- inner barrel diameter: 6.03 mm;
- outer barrel length: 16 inches;
- handguard length: 14.5 inches;
- magazine capacity: 500 BBs;
- muzzle velocity (catalog): 450 fps.

Main features:

- a long type gearbox;
- a quick spring change system;
- a electronic control unit with a microswitch and a mosfet;
- reinforced internal parts;
- hi-torque motor;
- single and full-auto firing modes.

From the outside

All the 098 replicas have the same modern looking receivers with pronounced aggressive edges, enlarged, fixed trigger guard and integrated magwells for easy magazine change.

As in the recently described 097 model, you can also see how the quality of Cyma replicas is changing. The fitting of parts and assembly are of the highest quality. Yes - the highest. It cannot be done better and even replicas of well known brand are not made better in this respect. The photos showing the connection point of the upper and lower receiver of the pistol grip illustrate this well. Even the connection of the top rail of the upper receiver with the top rail of the handguard, which in the 097 model was not perfect, looks flawlessly here.

The replica handles and operates like a typical AR system carbine. The aforementioned magwells and trigger guard stand are slight modern touches. Like many other ARs produced today, the safety/selector switches are located on both sides of the receiver.

The other manipulators, i.e. the magazine and bolt catch release buttons and the charging handle, are already placed traditionally. The Bolt catch is functional and locks the dummy bolt carrier in the rear position while HopUp adjustment is being made. Like the 097 model, the dummy returns to the front position with noticeable force, which shows the quality of assembly, but also the growing awareness of designers.

The charging handle that opens the ejection port cover and pulls the dummy bolt carrier has a clearly enlarged latch.

The polymer pistol grip has a rigid aluminum alloy bottom plate. This is good because greater rigidity makes it easier to adjust the position of the motor. You need a 6 mm Allen wrench for adjustment. This is also good because the socket in the adjusting screw will not wear out.

Folding metal sights are common to the entire Cyma Platinum line. They are a copy of the KAC 200-600m Micro set by Knight’s Armament. The rear sight is adjustable in both planes, and on the front sight is adjustable only vertically.

The metal handguard in the M-LOK system is made very carefully and is covered with the same kind of paint as the replica's receiver. On both sides there are QD sockets for mounting the carrying sling swivels. The handguard is slid onto the mounting ring and secured  from below with two setting screws.

The recreation of the gas system is a big surprise. The 097 model doesn't have it. The 098 has a dummy gas block and tube.

The single-piece metal outer barrel is finished with a standard left-handed (CCW) 14 mm thread. On the thread is a flash hider that is a copy of the KAC QDC 3-PRONG FLASH SUPPRESSOR - 5.56mm by Knight's Armament. This is a slight inaccuracy, because q .308 Win replica should have a slightly different flash hider - the KAC 7.62 QDC 3-PRONG FLASH HIDER. But firstly, in the both original devices are very similar to each other, secondly, they do not serve any purpose in replicas, and thirdly, the same flash hider was used in CM.097 (where it fits best) which is also economic for the manufacturer. A rubber spacer is placed on the barrel thread. The flash hider is secured with a setting screw.

The magazine is a polymer hi-cap, probably inspired by Magpul's magazines. It is a traditional design with a gear in the floor plate. During tests, the magazine did not cause any problems. It should also be noted that it sits quite nicely in the magwell. Its not tight, but there is no annoying slack or clatter.

Taiwangun's offer includes identical-looking Battle Ax magazines. Hi-caps holding 500 BBs (on the left) and mid holding 120 BBs, also in tan color.

The 6-position telescopic stock has space for a battery. A tilting butt plate with a latch give access to the compartment. The latch is a convenient and durable solution, better than the plastic hooks used in other stocks, which like to break over time. Unfortunately, there is not much space for the battery. The 1200mAh NiMH battery that comes with the replica fits easily inside. The 11.1V LiPo 1100mAh nunchuck type we used during testing also fitted nicely. Additional QD sockets for carrying swivels are located on both sides.

The quick spring change system used allows the user to do the procedure without removing the gearbox from the lower receiver, but it requires the use of tools. To unscrew the buffer tube, a dedicated key for a crown nut will be useful. Next, a flat screwdriver, 6 mm Allen wrench or a coin will be needed. The spring guide is mounted in an already familiar way, not in the gearbox frame but in the back of the lower receiver. In the photos below the upper receiver is taken off but, of course, you do not need to do this when replacing the spring.

And since we are at the subject of taking the upper receiver off... In this respect, the replica is built in a typical way. Removing the front pin allows you to slide the upper receiver off. It is worth noting that both main pins are protected against loss - they do not slide out off the sockets completely.

The replica uses a polymer HopUp chamber with an axially placed adjustment ring (rotary type). The bucking is standard. The brass barrel has a length of 400 mm. The spacer is unusual, thanks to its special shape it is attached to the pressure arm. The benefit of this solution is obvious - when adjusting the HopUp, the lifted pressure arm (less HU) takes the spacer with it. In the traditional design, the spacer is pushed out only by the elastic force of the bucking which is subjected to change, e.g. depending on the ambient temperature. The solution used here is simple and good. The shape of the arm does not preclude the use of traditional cylindrical spacers.

On the inside

The CM.098 replicas are powered by a mechanism based on a V2 long type gearbox.

The internal parts, for the most part, are the same as those we saw during the CM.097 replica test. The most important of them is the electronic control system with a mosfet and a microswitch, which noticeably decreases the reaction time to the trigger pull and the reinforced parts of the pneumatic system. Aluminum cylinder and piston heads (with ball bearings) have a good seal. The extended piston is equipped with a full steel teeth. The gears, rotating on 8 mm ball bearings, are also made of steel.

It should be noted, however, that unlike the 097 model, the gears here are traditionally made of sintered, and not cut steel. The "weakest" part of this configuration is the 24.2mm long polymer nozzle without an O-ring.

The electrical installation is made from low-resistance wires in durable insulation and uses a mini Tamiya plug. The whole is driven by a high torque motor using strong neodymium magnets.

We have no remarks about the way the mechanism was assembly at the factory. We would only use slightly less grease. However, when taking the replica to a workshop, we would certainly improve a few things, namely: adjust the gears' shims better, improve the piston seal and replace the nozzle.

Target shooting test and muzzle velocity test

Shooting and rate of fire

The replica works like every other AR. The fact that it is a replica of an AR-10 and not an AR-15 does not matter. The mechanism worked well and the motor was well adjusted. Bearing in mind the rate of fire of the 097 version, we were interested in the performance of the long-piston version. We used the same fully charged batteries as before - a 9.6V NiMH 1200mAh and 11.1V LiPo 1100mAh. In both cases, the reaction to the trigger pull is immediate. And the rate of fire?

The 9.6V 1200mAh NiMH battery that came with the replica has been formatted using a Raytronic C14 charger. The result: 13.9 bps. After changing the battery to an 11.1V LiPo 1100mAh 20C, the measured rate of fire was 15.1 shots per second. As you can see, this is not an ROF demon, but the result is still higher than for most of real assault rifles.

We measured muzzle velocity at an ambient temperature of 13°C, the Hop-Up was set to zero.
The XCORTECH X3500 chronograph and Open Blaster 0.2 g BBs were used.

Muzzle Velocity:
1. 473.2
2. 476.1
3. 473.0
4. 475.3
5. 473.2
6. 475.6
7. 473.8
8. 472.1
9. 470.7

Average: 473.5 fps.
Spread: 5.4 fps - an excellent result.

The values entered in the replica's quality control certificate were: 460, 458, 461, 457, 462, 460, 462, 463, 457, 459.

The average measurement in the test is almost 13 fps higher than the muzzle velocity declared by the manufacturer. The spread is the same.

We also conducted measurements using the almost new M150 spring by SHS. The average muzzle velocity was 520 fps. We also measured the rate of fire using the 11.1V test battery. The result: 14.5 bps, so slightly less than on the factory spring and the same battery (15.1 bps).

Target shooting test (Hop-Up was adjusted, G&G 0.28 g BBs were used)

Single fire, maximum spread: 16 cm.

Full-auto, maximum spread: 7 cm


Replicas of the 098 series, due to the use of a long type gearbox, and thus having an increased volume of the cylinder, are perfect for creating a DMR rifle. The factory performance looks encouraging. Depending on the length of the barrel, the muzzle velocity is in the range of 450-480 fps. As our tests have shown, this configuration works. After cosmetic and inexpensive work on a proper sealing of the pneumatic system, you can successfully achieve muzzle velocities qualifying the CM.098 as a DMR. You can squeeze even more from it. Based on my experience, I will risk the thesis that it is possible to build an AEG sniper rifle with a muzzle velocity well exceeding 600 fps from it. You just have to remember that all CM.098 have a full-auto option, so it would be advisable to modify the fire selector plate, because there is no lock on the lower receiver chamber for the semi-auto position that could be used. Another solution could be to use some kind of a programmable control system.

Given the attractive price of the 098 line, I have the impression that it will soon swarming with sniper rifles based from these models.

The replica was delivered to us by Taiwangun

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