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Ładownice firmy SPECOPS (cz. 1)

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Not so long ago we have posted a news, that WMASG had started cooperation with SPECOPS, manufacturer of accoutrement. Thanks to this cooperation, you have a chance to get known to part of their assortment and to read some reviews based on tests we will pursue - with the strong airsoft point of view.

SPECOPS started his activity in 1994. At the very beginning it was simple hand made production, but undoubtedly it was one of the first field-gear producers in Poland. Company was officially registered as late as eleven years later, in 2005 - but then it was ready for manufacturing on larger scale. During following years, company was introducing new models of SPECOPS leading product: MKT-1 vest, MKT-2, MKT-3 and finally the actual version MKT-4.

Tested pouches come from the newest production line and are available in actual offer. Material is Cordura DuPont, fastened with STOCKO snap, ITW buckles and Velcro.



First impression

After removing the wrapping, I saw set of pouches - variable size, different patterns and fasteners. When I took them in my hands, I have realised that they are more solid and rigid than those I had previously seen. Thanks to the solid construction single pouch weights more (just slightly more), than adequate pouches by other producers. When you take a closer look at them, there is visible dilligence and good workmanship. There are no single protruding threads, seams are well trimmed with multiple backstitch - and every pouch is well secured in every part exposed to damage. 


Pouches' flaps and side edges are made of double cordura layer ( in contradiction to other products where flaps are single layer),  while on the edges it is wrapped threefold, which means that on the edge there is really six layers of fabric. It ensures reliability and durability, and as a side effect you might mention camouflage on inner side of every flap.


This is how wrapping of fabric at the edge of flap looks like


Every pouch provided by a company goes with MOLLE system attachment, but ways of interweaved belts finishing are different. Some of them has "standard" snap buckle, some is fastened by rolling up a belt. This is related to size of a pouch and its designation.


Buckles are various: just velcro, just snaps, snaps with velcro, ITW buckle with velcro (in this option, you may cover velcro with adjactent fabric and we would have simple ITW buckle itself). Small flaps easing opening of the pouch are made of cordura tape and finished with rubber grasp easing opening.


Following pouches were provided for tests:

- triple NICO flashbang pouch in MultiCam, made of Crye fabric;

- double NICO flashbang pouch, in black;

- douple pistol (9mm) mag pouch, in black;

- single UMP 9mm mag, in '93 Pantera pattern;

- triple M4/M16 mag, '93 Pantera pattern;

- triple Beryl mag, in black;

- triple Beryl mag, in desert DPM

- 20x 12 gauge shotgun, in black


It is worth mentioning that primary purchaser of SPECOPS products are Polish uniformed services, which makes it more obvious why pistol mag pouches and SMGs are for 9mm mags, not i.e. for .45 ACP. Frequently requested on our market - G36 mags are also available (such a pouch is similar to Beryl mag pouch and can take two magazines clipped together). As we got to known to - SPECOPS has plans to start series of pouches dedicated to airsoft players, i.e. UMP .45 or P90 pouches. There is also possibility to prepare a custom pouch designed by consumer specification, but both the price and realisation process is negotiated with the client.


Usage test

Whole period of tests there were no single problem, there was no failure. Of course, during such a short period (about 1 month) it is hard to talk about reliability or durability, but it is possible to ascertain yourself that pouches are well made with strong care for details. Not once, some single protruding threads or loose sewing occured as early as after one or two weeks of usage in other brand products.

Flashbang pouches may be used to carry used NICO flashbangs just for "good look", but they go also with popular high explosives grenades B&G GH-2. If somebody would really be determined, pouch may used to carry pistol mags.




Pistol mag pouches would go with any standard GBB mag, which is a replica of 9mm one. On the pictures presented with Glock by KSC and Beretta M92 by TM. GBB magazines are visibly longer than real ones, but pouch is fastened with long velcro flap, so there is enough space to fasten it properly.


Left (lower one on photo) pouch pocket with unfastened flap, right with flap slipped inside, works as CQB pouch. There is a difference of how deep the mag can fit in



Pouch with KSC Glock mags



Pouch with  Beretta M9 TM mags


Pouch with real 9mm Glock mags


Pouch dedicated for UMP magazine, would go with longer GBB pistol mag, i.e. G18C one, and as well without any problem it fits with 9mm SMG mags like MP5. I had no UMP .45 magazine during tests, but after using measure it seems it should fit as well. As soon as I would have a chance to check it for sure I would update this review. Maximum lenght of a clip inside when the pouch would buckle up would be around 24cm  (9,45 in) - but because pouch is fastened with velcro, this is approximate estimation.


UMP mag pouch with MP5 mag

M4/M16 pouch has sewed partition dividing all mags. Partitions are rigid and relatively thick - it is nothing like old dividing ALICE pouches' belts. As far as real M4 magazines fit easily (but not loose), but airsoft replicas' (metal low-cap by P&J) fit really tightly. Taking mag out is not a problem, but to put it in takes some effort.

M4 pouch with P&J magazines

M4 mag pouch with real M4 magazines


Beryl mag pouch is made similarly to M4/M16 one, it is just of different size. It would fit AK mags, but because it is not AK dedicated, it would be a bit thightly and they would not match exactly, but pouch is fully usable with them.



Beryl mag pouch with AKM mags

Both pouches for carbine mags are rigid with rigid flap which covers the pouch on sides as well. They are typicaly "green tactics" pouches, and you couldn't call them "quick" but undoubtedly they keep the mags well inside and cover them from getting dirty.



Beryl and M4 mag pouches comparison



Beryl mag pouch, mags partitions are visible and as well fabric overlap on the edge


12 gauge pouch, goes with 20 shells and is made as a rigid pocket unfolded in full dimensions.



Tested with night-vision, pouches are not shining, not reflecting infrared and camouflage is visible (which is not that easy to observe on pictures due to bad quality of photos)



Below comparison of SPECOPS pouches colours with other producers:
Upper row - left: SO, Miwo Lubliniec, Maxpedition.
Middle: SDS (flare pouch).
Lower row - left: Tasmanian Tiger, Miwo Praszka, Pantac, Crom.



Pouches which I had a chance to review, were more decent than I expected in the beginning. Having some experience with products of many manufacturers (both Miwo, Crom, SDS, BlackHawk, Eagle, NFM) i was really surprised in a positive way. They seem to be very durable. When I was getting some feedback from known airsoft players, they were all positive, but frequently they commented that probably pouches by SPECOPS are more expensive than other brands. It came out that they are just a bit more expensive than other Polish manufacturers and the price is similar to American contract pouches which you can find on Allegro (eBay).

They are available on Allegro as direct way of producers' mail order (last pieces of the series, so there is not a big choice, but prices a bit lower) and as well by retailers network all over the country. List of retailers is available on click: SPECOPS. Regarding pouches of own specification you should contact producer directly.


Pouches were tested thanks to producer SPECOPS from Poland


Translation by Bukhart



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