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SPRAWOZDANIE: IWA 2009 (King Arms)

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Next report from IWA & OutdoorClassics 2009, regards to Friday visit in King Arms stand.


King Arms located right next to GFC was of the same size as a Polish company one. But here, every single part of the wall and bench was used to the extent: it was hard to find an empty spot without replicas and accessories.




KA representative Alan, Y.L. Yiu was very helpful and kind. He showed a lot of commitment while presenting new products, but as well those already known from company offer.



We have a chance to take a closer look at whole M-series and FN (FAL) series by King Arms.





King Arms M4/M16 family is very big: starting from compact shorties for CQB, ending with sniper rifles. Without a doubt, every M-series wellwisher would find here "M" suitable for him.





Galil line with blow-back simulation, made a great impression.




As for the quality of product, SIG 556 replica, made a really good impression. It is more ergonomic, and very handy. Taking a shooting position seems smooth, and easy even though a replica is quite big.



Key point of our visit at KA stand was presentation of Galil ARM. First pre-production replicas should be ready in two months and if nothing would stand against it, next KA Galil would be available at worst in the summer 2009. We are proud to say, that we have arranged with Mr. Alan, Y. L. Yiu, that we would receive one of the pre-production Galil ARM, for the review purposes.




In comparison to JG EBB, in King Arms Galil blowback seems more reliable.



Galil ARM is quite heavy: not everyone would like its big size and weight. Quality of workmanship is faultless. We think some small imperfections, are present only in the prototype. We believe there would be none of those, during mass production - like it happened in previous series.





Left-side fire mode selector is a dummy, but it's moving - it isn't one piece with a grip, like it is in some of the other producer replicas.



It is hard to describe how many accessories, parts and conversions, guys from KA managed to fit into this small stand. Take a look at the photos instead.









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