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One of the most spacious stands on IWA & OutdoorClassics 2009 was set up by Cybergun, together with german company GSG - German Sport Guns, distributor of air guns and airsoft replicas. Two stands combined were taking up a lot of space and in their back, there was improvised shooting range, were everybody could try some handgun replicas.







Also from behind, on the back wall - somehow bashful, there were displayed some less representative products.



During IWA, guests on Cybergun stand received Airsoft Dreams calendar and girls who posed in session, were giving autographs. Ladies were very friendly, though in comparison to photos, we came to a conclusion, that the main prize for a calendar, goes to graphic designers for expertise in Photoshop.





Service at GSG stand was concrete and to the point. Unfortunately at their part of stand, except for STG44, there was no interesting new products. GSG had placed STG44 under Schmeisser brand. As the only curiousity, we might mention Mauser Kar98 replica, loaded with separate cartridges. Even though it did not differ much from known Boyi replicas, specification says magazine can load 50BBs. GSG representative said that each cartridge could load 10 x 6mm BBs, but he didn't have such a cartridges at the stand so we are rather sceptic about 50 BBs story.




German Sport Guns is a distributor of number of mostly well known brands like CA or ICS.




At Cybergun stand, apart from known models, there was quite a few brand new products, but unfortunately, our efforts to get detailed information about them, came to almost nothing. There were a few guys in nice suits and one employee in working clothes with Cybergun logo. Each attempt to talk with company representatives, started in the same way - being redirected to other person, then to other and in the end we were always asked to talk with the guy in uniform, who was also responsible for a shooting range, was "not available, because he just went out somewhere".



When we have finally got an opportunity to talk with one of the smart dressed guys - taking him away from another round of a champagne and cards game - his English language command made it difficult to communicate. Unfortunately we don't speak French. So even though we have tried, we couldn't get any details on i.e. Tavor replica, and terms on which Cybergun is cooperating with ARES - company which designed Tavor. Except for this piece, Cybergun displayed Galil replica which is slowly being introduced to market (reportedly distributed from January). There were also other interesting news: AIMS of unknown origin, but it seems that it was made for Cybergun by Cyma (like Galil).




We have learned, that amont other companies, also Cybergun would sell STG44, under own brand.



There was a good looking replica of Thompson 1928 with a drum magazine. Right below it there was a strange variation of Thompson: M1A1 with drum magazine - all in black.





To sum up: our visit at Cybergun stand have left us with a feeling of insufficiency (not to say that we were a bit disgusted). It is a shame, because display itself was absorbing: replicas were interesting and as for Chinese made products - wellmade, what may proove better quality control in Cybergun, in comparison to same replicas sold under Chinese brands.




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