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V Zlot ASG Tomaszowo 2009, Tomaszowo, 21-24.05.2009

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Name: Fifth Tomaszowo Airsoft Meeting 2009
Type: game & side events
Date:2009 21-24.05
Location: Tomaszowo (Lubuskie in Poland)
Organizer: Team Delta
Entry fee: 50 PLN (~15USD)
Number of participants: ~800






When I have first heard about Tomaszowo, I wasn't sure if it would be anything good. Location - abbandoned airport. Organizer - unfamiliar. In general at the very beginning the only advantage worth mentioning were military (including caterpillar-tracked) vehicles, which - especially at the time - where very rare. Even though all the doubts at the beginning, something made this annual meeting (since 2005, when it gathered only 45 participants) one of the best in the country, pretending to become leading airsoft event in Poland. Last year, while wrtiting Tomaszowo 2008 report I compared this event to good old ZMASGs (Airsoftgun Maniacs Rally). This year I am just glad I can confirm that.


(photo by Wojtek "WOjtas" Banasik)


Basic organization part, like camping / hotel arrangements, food, preparation of the location and so on, it all seems to be the easiest part. Not one organizer have realised that even small mistakes at this matter, might get the real problems in general. "Team Delta" accustomed us to good standards. To organize some more showers takes just some more efforts, and this is true for number of organizers, but to get everything bond and work together is a rare skill. Guys from "Team Delta" are one of those who are blessed with such a skill. They are good guys, with loads of enthusiasm and commitment. They make this annual rally become 'a must to be place' for many respected teams from each part of Poland. It just takes to see organizer forum and adjacent WMASG one, to find out what the participants think about that. Regardless the preferred game type or airsoft group players originate from - everyone appreciates Tomaszowo and Team Delta work. It is hard to just ignore this event. "Event made by maniacs for maniacs" - their motto is noticeable on every step during meeting.



After a year long arrangements, everything in Tomaszowo was set and ready. Camp was enclosed with wire fence, evened and properly checked over any dangerous spots. Both entry gates were reinforced with guardstands, tyres and barbwire. Participants could use wash-stands and fresh water and toilets (kept clean). There were also electrical outlets to charge the batteries. Apart from that, first teams which applied for it, were granted with 10 persons military tents. All the time (24/7) participants may try something from a broad menu of catering firm in "Hangar Bar" next to the campsite. It is still a secret - when the bar service staff (btw very nice people) was sleeping?



During registration at the service desk, participants received wrist-band in proper (previously assigned) colour and ID number. Apart from that: special Tomaszowo field ration prepared by Arpol company with souvenir thermic cup. Commanders-in-chief received the big format maps printed on foil, while Task Force commanders received same maps in A4 size (21 x 29,7 cm). During registration process, participants declared if they want to take a part in competition organized by .


Queuing people were graceully nagged by friendly Wenus (owned by Team Delta  member "Dingo")


Kosta during preparation of Light Totally Unarmoured Wheel Carrier known also as (unjustly!) "Piece of junk"


Tomaszowo is an invitation based airsoft meeting. It might seem that having such an event based on "elite factor" might be risky, but with all its growing popularity and participants number it is just how it should be. This time Team Delta invited almost 800 participants from literally each part of Poland, from which a large number arrived a couple of days earlier before game was planned. Some of them like "AWR" came before everybody to help (as they do each year) during preparations. Some other teams came a bit later but early enough (Thursday), to have an opportunity to meet some of the long time not seen friends from all over the country.


"Vnetrunniye Voiska" Reconstruction & Shooting Associationmembers, during their first fall in


ASG Hunters Myślenicekindly welcomes




On Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening Team DeltaFST from Poznań, and WMASG (thanks to sponsors Capri ASG and Redwolf Airsoft), have organized number of events.



It was quite a surprise to many of the players to see a T55 tank driving through a main gate on Thursday evening. There was some stir due to this surprise. For a number of people it was the first opportunity to see such a tank in real and in the move.


Intriguing constrution made by one of the DPMA members (Hanibal8), was also getting a lot of attention


On Friday afternoon Polish Military Police prepared a short presentation. They showed how to stop a moving vehicle. It was done even though there were some irresponsible behaviour on the edge of the track. It is hard to say if the presentation would be a bit longer if some of the players would be more thoughtful. Nevertheless stopping the car, series of blank shots and overpowering the driver (with face in the mud...) was a piece of a good performance.



Right after the presentation, Foka driving around with a loud-speaker has started to get people interested in participation in the Airsoft Pentathlon organized by WMASG. 38 players took a part in the first qualification round. Cheering and atmoshphere were great.


(photo by Wojtek "WOjtas" Banasik)

(photo by Wojtek "WOjtas" Banasik)


After the "doubles run with a primary weapon", there was a competition of practical shooting with rules taken from IPSC. Everyone from the first round of qualifications was allowed to take a part in the competition. To attend, one had to have own replica of a short firearm and to get familiar with the rules demonstrated by Foka. Some who didn't try might think, that it just needs a quick aiming and even quicker running through the track built in the hangar. But in fact it also requires to control the sector from which you take the shots and how you do it. Most of the participants have forgotten about that, which took a result in number of penalty points. It was nice to see the competition and pretty exciting. Not once, we've seen a gun failure. For most of the players it was the first time to try themselves in IPSC rules, so next year we may see some better prepared players. One of the participants earned a deserved respect for using spring cocking pistol among all the GBB replicas. During this competition, participants has received a Redwolf Airsoft cap (sponsor) and as well a newWMASG key strap. Both while IPSC competition and sharp shooter competition, we have used Madbull timer (popper) funded by Redwolf Airsoft.


(fot. Wojtek "WOjtas" Banasik)

(photo by Wojtek "WOjtas" Banasik)


Next two competitions were held simultaneously: 1. precise grenade throw on the distance of 20 meters (the target was 1 m x 1 m big, and the failure margin was 50 cm); 2. sharp shooting. Because of some participants size, we dropped the last competition which was to dress chemical protection uniform as quickly as possible. In the end then instead of penthatlon we got something which might be called "tetratlon". Due to the number of participants, time was not on our side neither.


(photo by Wojtek "WOjtas" Banasik)


(photo by Wojtek "WOjtas" Banasik)


After a short brake, later evening in the Hangar Bar there was an assembly officialy opening the Tomaszowo meeting. As it was before, we could see some short movies and presentations about previous events with some witty parts rewarded with a loud loughter. During assembly, players may get familiar with basic rules binding Saturday's game.


(photo by Wojtek "WOjtas" Banasik)


After this official part, organizer held a second edition of last year Armwrestling competition (organized by FST Poznań). Thanks to previously gained popularity there were twice as many challengers. Twenty four players were wrestling on the specially prepared table and their fights were displayed on the big screen. Everything was well prepared. Nobody have given in easily. There was some confusion caused by Kołek, who entered a game from the reserve list. He took his opponents by an endurance - getting up to final. The "Miq" - last years winner - didn't let anybody down neither. The "Bartas600" also prooved his strenght, with stoical attitude getting himself on the box. After exciting last fights, it was impossible to select the winner. Meeting the players' request, approved by the sponsor, we decided to hand three equal rewards - gas blowback Glock 17 KWA/KSC . Armwrestling rewards were funded by Capri ASG. Great atmosphere is worth stressing at this part. Challengers couldn't complain on lack of cheering. Hangar Bar was not silent on that evening.


(photo by Wojtek "WOjtas" Banasik)

(photo by Wojtek "WOjtas" Banasik)

(photo by Wojtek "WOjtas" Banasik)




(photo by Alex Lapinski)


Unfortunately a big part of participants have arrived on the "game day" almost exactly on the time of the final assembly. Because of that, Saturday's opening was slightly delayed (departure as late as 10am), but nobody was really complaining. Even though everything was well arranged, during assembly, marking players' sides, Task Force assignment, and their commanders seemed a bit chaotic. Especially as it goes for getting a designated plastic band to mark your own TF. After such a small problems all the sides of Orilian-Andurian conflict in Free Urdar City, marched into the game area.


(photo by Alex Lapinski)

Weather was just great, moods and morale were up - above: Andurian headquarters guards, assured of victory (photo by Alex Lapinski)


In contradiction to last year rules, organizer resigned from the "paper" and score system of taking over strategic points. There were no mercenaries neither. But there were a lot of "civilians" waving banners and shouting slogans.


(photo by Wojtek "WOjtas" Banasik)


Andurian Army, except for typical military tasks, had a responsibility to protect "civilians" from Orilian forces. Urdar civilians, what came out a bit later, were not pleased with that. When there were riots, they were put down with "sponge-clubs". Shooting at unarmed civilians meant immediate "death" in game rules. There were some controversaries over using firearms by civilians and shooting back by military forces. We think that at some point this element went out of control.


Except for civilians, there were new units: engineers. Their task was to set up mine fields and to defuse mined areas or objects, which were taken over by other TFs. Was the target or was it not mined was denoted by the "bomb" symbol on the piece of paper with target's code. Apart from that each side of conflict had medical TF (with a car), which could set up mobile respawn - understood as a field hospital, as an additional medical point except for - usually pretty distant - headquarters.



As it was previously, game was handed fully to players, which for some is an advantage, for some a disadvantage. Side's commanders recruited and organized their forces some months before the game started. Anduria was under command of Foka, while Orilia was led by Pyra. Both commanders were working on their own without organizer influence.  I must admitt that Andurian HQ (which I belonged to) was well prepared. Shannon Securities Inc. (they were the major part of HQ personel) prepared even dedicated aerial, taken out of the building to keep the communication with all even most distant TFs. Which meant also enemies - both sides tried to send out some false messages.


(fot. Alex Lapinski)

Andurian HQ (photo by Alex Lapinski)


After getting familiar with some opinions from forum it seems that the weakest part of the meeting was game itself. It is hard to say who (if anyone) is right. Commanders were moving their forces to gain advantage on the map and to get their targets and tasks fulfilled. As we could see later, each unit (which didn't loose its way) was just at the location where it was needed. Even if not engaged in fight it was important to meet the targets. As it happens in real. Commanding staff tried to make shifts to make it possible to every unit to take a part in offensive activity. Fans of "run&spray" tacticts had not much space to show their skills this year, but is it really what it is all about?

There were some voices of regret that there was no big battle with all 800 players involved. In this game system, actual strategic situation decides if there are any spectacular battles, which did not happen this year. Several hundreds of people disappeared on the huge area of post-soviet airport. Though in a few sectors there were fierce and regular contacts. It seems that the reason to discontent of some players might be in wrong expectations. From the organizer we know far before the game starts, that there would not be directed game - everything is done by players. Less cinematic, more strategic thinking.


(photo by Alex Lapinski)


(photo by Alex Lapinski)


(photo by Wojtek "WOjtas" Banasik)


(photo by Wojtek "WOjtas" Banasik)


(photo by Wojtek "WOjtas" Banasik)


There were number of vehicles taking part in the game, including mentioned T-55 tank, though the last one in limited area in care for safety and due to land owner restrictions on tank movement in the area. Vehicles could be "destroyed" by hitting them with a plastic bag with water. Unfortunately this idea was not working perfectly, nevertheless after some time vehicles were being effectively eliminated. Solution of "armour-piercing" weapons seems to be a neverending problem during games. The most impressive and spectacular way was one we've seen on the old Twierdza Modlin meetings where pyrotechnics were used, but those unfortunately can't be used where fire hazard is high - like Tomaszowo. Pity.


During the game day there was one meal break - which was the famous pea soup served from the field cooker. Even though game was meant to be continued until late evening it was finished earlier (7PM). Some of the players tired with running in full sun, have chosen to rest in the camp.



(fot. Alex Lapinski)


The most hungry found their way to be at the cooker first


...others had to wait a bit




When everybody came back to the camp, we have announced the results of "Tetratlon" and handed the rewards. Main prize was Classic Army SLR105A1 (Steel Version); for the second place: Tokyo Marui P226R Chrome Stainless; and for the third Airsoft Innovations Tornado Grenade - all rewards funded by Redwolf Airsoft.

While some of the participants were preparing to go back home, most of the players decided to stay and join evening party. Organizer made some arrangements to make the party better. Hangar Bar became a scene for concert of QUATTRO rock band. Heavy sounds brought a number of people close to the scene, others used this time to have a cold beer after a hard day of fights ;-)


Tomaszowo is organized for the fifth year in a row by Team Delta, each year setting a new better standards. They take conclusions from their own mistakes or shortcomings. What is most important, their intention is to make a meeting "made by Maniacs for Maniacs" and it just works. For as much as 50PLN (~15USD) you get a loads of fun in a great company. It is hard to explain the great atmosphere of Tomaszowo to someone who was not there. It is a very characteristic and exceptional event which thanks to its kick it would most probably stay for long as a leading event in Poland. Even though there are number of opinions on fight dynamics, nobody should argue with the fact that this event is just unique. It may be also granted by the fact, that even though we are experiencing the world financial crisis, it attracted foreign sponsor (Redwolf Airsoft) but as well  Capri ASGalready well known in Poland.


WMASG editors team would like to thank Shannon Securities Inc. from Tricity for inestimable help during WMASG competition preparation. Big thanks to G.G.A. Kruk for help during the first round of the competition. Thank you Dzidek and Johny for lending the equipment which made our competition happen.



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