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The 5.11 Tactical store chain in the Polish capital is expanding

The 5.11 Tactical store chain in the Polish capital is expanding

The 5.11 Tactical store chain in the Polish capital is expanding

The Jammas - Strefa Celu company, one of the better known firearms showrooms in Warsaw, introduced a large selection of 5.11 Tactical products to its offer on September 1. Fans of the brand should be pleased with a wide range of available products, from typically tactical clothing and equipment to civilian "tactical" clothing and equipment. The offer of the new 5.11 Tactical Premium Dealer store includes footwear, clothing (pants, shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets), bags and backpacks, belts, vests, tactical pouches and other popular items.






5.11 Tactical is the world's first brand of tactical clothing and a precursor to the development of the tactical clothing industry. It was officially established in 2003, but in fact the idea and the first products included in the offer were created at the end of 1960s under a different brand. The idea was based on combining and applying solutions from military uniforms and adapting them to sports needs, in this case mountain climbing. The now iconic trousers were quickly noticed by federal agents of the FBI, who often practiced climbing themselves. Hence the name 5.11, which means the high level of difficulty of a surface one what's to climb. For more details, take a look here: The first 5.11 owned store in Europe

Since then, this market has developed significantly, but 5.11 Tactical still surprises with innovative solutions and an increasingly wider offer, and recently the dealer network has been developing dynamically, which also resulted with many stores offering 5.11 products in Poland. The only company owned store in Europe opened so far is located in Germany, in Hamburg. It is worth noting that the 5.11 company was one of the first to introduce such a wide range of tactical clothing dedicated and anatomically adapted for women. A wide range of products dedicated for women can also be found at Strefa Celu.

The store is located in Warsaw, 7 minutes from the city center at Aleja Wojcietona 100A, on the corner of Międzyborska and the so-called "little" Washington. There is a public car park next to the store (which is free of charge).


Sklep Jammas - Strefa Celu
al. Waszyngtona 100A
04-015 Warszawa

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