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Twoja przeglądarka jest przestarzała. Niektóre funkcjonalności mogą nie działać poprawnie. Zalecamy aktualizajcę lub zmianę przeglądarki na nowszą. - a new player o the market - a new player o the market - a new player o the market is a part of the X-kom group, known primarily from a chain of stores of the same name with an extensive offer of computer equipment. We bought some of the editorial equipment there ourselves. Some time ago the X-kom group decided to enter the military-survival market, including the airsoft market, under a new brand. The store's offer is still developing and, as we have learned, we should expect a significant expansion in the future. Currently, in the airsoft category, we can find mainly replicas from the offer of Umarex. In the equipment and accessories section (optics, binoculars, Petzl flashlights), apart from the equipment also distributed by Umarex, the products of the native Helikon company have also appeared, and Mechanix gloves can also be found there. 


In the "military" offer, which is equally important for people that like to spend time outdoors, one can find shovels, saws, hatchets, knives, multitools and, of course, classic Victorinox knives. Archery enthusiasts will also find something for themselves.

It is worth noting that the store offers a system of delayed payment for orders (PayPo) and an installment payment system.

Combat - Paypo

Along with the development of, you should expect a similar model of operation as in the case of the X-kom store, and therefore pre-orders and attractive time-based price offers. For years, the military and airsoft industry in Poland has achieved a specific status quo. Will the X-com group with the store manage to find their place in the new market? We keep our fingers crossed.

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