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MOA2020 - Vega Force Company, full coverage
MOA2020 - Vega Force Company, full coverage

MOA2020 - Vega Force Company, full coverage

MOA2020 - Vega Force Company, full coverage
MOA2020 - Vega Force Company, full coverage

During this year's MOA fair, the dominant stand was the one prepared byVFC, showing their current offer and upcoming new products. Due to the fact that it was impossible to reach guests and media representatives from abroad, the manufacturer took the initiative to present its new products for the invited selected media representatives during a series of live streams (we wrote about it on November 27, 2020 here: We were also honored by the invitation, but the quality of the connection, unfortunately, made it impossible to get acquainted with the replicas of interest to us and it ended with a one-sided presentation of new products conducted by Ray Chang, the head of VFC marketing.

The presentation was dominated by GBBR replicas, which due to the overall weather in Europe, are less popular, but are very popular in Asia. These replicas are also very realistic to use, and therefore all the more attractive for enthusiasts of real firearms who have limited or completely restricted access to them (for example in Taiwan). GBBRs, however, can also satisfy the owners of firearms, because of the very faithful replication of the originals, also in terms of actual handling. VFC makes most of these replicas in direct cooperation with the manufacturers of the originals, usually as a subcontractor of an airgun line, e.g. for SIG Air and the recently announced BCM Air, about which we will write more below.



MOA2020 - VFC, BCM


The first and most important release for VFC and of which the company is very proud of, which was  quite obvious, are the new licensed BCM replicas. The Bravo Company MFG Inc. (abbreviated to BCM) is the American manufacturer of mainly mid-priced AR-15 carbines (around 1,400 USD). Their products are sometimes seen in the hands of American special forces operatives, so they enjoys a good reputation and has its supporters. VFC has just entered into cooperation with this manufacturer, as the first company in the world, introducing fully licensed GBBR replicas to its offer. This means that the replicas have full markings consistent with real firearms and also faithfully replicate the dimensions of the original. AEG replicas are also planned, but the manufacturer has put noticeably more emphasis on GBBRs.


Virtually, every external part of the presented BCM MCMR GBBR model (catalog number VF2-LBCM_MCMR_S-BK01) is licensed, starting from the muzzle break, the M-LOK handguard, through the upper and lower receiver, to the pistol grip, the stock and even the the charging handle. Each of these parts has a license mark. Apparently they will not fit into a real firearm, but we hope to check it out in the future. It is supposed to be a high-end GBBR, so inside there are newly designed steel parts, such as the bolt carrier (which also features the BCM logo...). The Hop-Up is conveniently adjusted from at front by a dummy gas block. The manufacturer has announced that more licensed accessories will become available. The replica is to be available for sale in the first quarter of the new year. The price is expected to oscillate around the prices comparable class of GBBRs on the market, but Ray did not want to reveal the details.


MOA2020 - VFC, BCM (lower receiver)

MOA2020 - VFC, BCM (pistol grip)

MOA2020 - VFC, BCM (charging handle)
Photos: Eric Chu, QRF.MAG




License: yes
Overall length: 716/790 mm
Inner barrel length: 275 mm
Weight: 1958 g
Energy: max 2 Joule 
Magazine: 30 rds



MOA2020 - VFC, Umarex HK PSG-1
Photo: Eric Chu, QRF.MAG


For some, an expected item, and for many also a surprise, was the first presentation of a replica of the legendary HK PSG-1 licensed by Heckler & Koch (catalog number VF2-LPSG1-BK01), produced in cooperation with Umarex. Why does this premiere arouse so many emotions? First of all, the PSG-1 is a legendary sniper rifle. Secondly, the only PSG-1 replica so far, and one that has not been available on the market for many years, was an AEG version by Tokyo Marui. Made of polymer, with a complicated internal design that is difficult to upgrade. The appearance of a faithful replica of the PSG-1, also licensed, and made of steel is impressive. For airsoft snipers, however, it will be somewhat disappointing to know that the new PSG-1 is powered with Green Gas. The energy of the BB being fired will oscillate around 2 Joules. 

MOA2020 - VFC, PSG-1

The realistic movement of the bolt, a vertically adjustable trigger, an adjustable pad for the hand on the pistol grip and a stock with an adjustable cheek pad add realism. The presented scope is not included in the set, but the replica will come with a scope mount. The PSG-1 has a 6.03 mm precision barrel mounted. The release in Asia is planned for the first quarter of 2021.


MOA2020 - VFC, Umarex HK PSG-1 (lower receiver)

MOA2020 - VFC, Umarex HK PSG-1 (upper receiver)

MOA2020 - VFC, Umarex HK PSG-1 (butt stock)

MOA2020 - VFC, Umarex HK PSG-1 (pistol grip)

MOA2020 - VFC, Umarex HK PSG-1 (fire mode selector)

MOA2020 - VFC, Umarex HK PSG-1 (charging lever)

Photos: Eric Chu, QRF.MAG



VFC/Umarex PSG-1

License: yes
Overall length: 1220/1280 mm
Inner barrel length: 650 mm
Weight: 5200 g
Energy: max 2 Joule 
Magazine: 20 Rds

Speaking of Heckler & Koch, a replica of the HK MP5K also appeared on the table during one of the presentations, but we only know that it will be available soon.

MOA2020 - VFC, Umarex HK MP5K



Another product that evokes many emotions is a faithful replica of the MK48 (catalog number VF5-MK48M1-BK01) in the AEG version. What distinguishes it above all is its weight, although the lower receiver chamber is made of metal. The replica weighs only 3690 g! Such a low weight could have been achieved thanks to the use of aluminum, although steel parts are also present. On the one hand, some people may find it at odds with the sense of "realism", but it is in line with the trend of "slimming" replicas down, which has been observed for years, primarily in the Asian market. However, judging by the comments, supporters of this solution are also among us. This certainly increases the comfort of maneuvering the replica during an airsoft game. The replica can turn out to be a real killer also thanks to the completely new BB feeding system. The detachable magazine holds 5500 BBs, but an additional 1000 BBs can be loaded under the receiver cover, in a special compartment in the receiver. It also has a completely new gearbox designed especially for this replica. However, as I found out, it will not affect the replica's upgrade options. The MK48 will hit the market in the second half of next year.

MOA2020 - VFC, MK48
MOA2020 - VFC, MK48 (box/drum magazine)
MOA2020 - VFC, MK48 (lower and upper receiver)

MOA2020 - VFC, MK48 (charging lever)

Photos: Eric Chu, QRF.MAG



Overall length: 1000 mm
Inner barrel length: 465 mm
Weight: 3690 g
Energy: max 2 Joule 
Magazine: 1000 + 5500 Rds



The KAC M110K1 GBBR (catalog number VF2-LM110K1-TN01) is another new gas powered repplica VFC's offer. It is a "military" version of the M110 SASS, already available from this manufacturer, equipped with a URX 3.1 13.5” handguard. It is also a licensed replica. Markings are consistent with the real firearm. As we found out, the replica has a very strong recoil, therefore the receiver has been reinforced.



License: yes
Overall length: 904/989 mm
Inner barrel length: 420 mm
Weight: 3614 g
Energy: max 2 Joule 



The time has come for the second gem in the new replicas coming next year. A gas powered replica of an early variant of the cult FN FAL - the LAR GBBR (catalog number VF2-LAR-BK01). The replica will be available in two variants. The first is the DX and this version will be made entirely of steel. All parts that are originally made of steel are made of steel in the replica, while the ones originally made of polymer, such as the stock, handguard and pistol grip, look very realistic at first glance. Some reportedly believed that the presented replica was fitted with original parts. Ray emphasized that the transport handle is also made of steel, which will allow the replica to be safely carried. The DX version weighs a whooping 4 kg. In the second, "budget" option, steel will be replaced by a different metal alloy. We will get the replica with a real-cap magazine. It should appear on the market in the second half of 2021.



Photo: Stu Mortimer



Overall length: 1095 mm
Inner barrel length: 491 mm
Weight: 3949 g
Energy: max 2 Joule 
Magazine: 20 Rds



As you can see, the VFC offer is dominated by replicas of firearms, i.e. ones that faithfully replicate the originals, usually made under license. Vega Force Company, however, also develops its line of great AEGs called Avalon. This year, at the MOA the company has presented the SPR model based on the MK12 Mod1 rifle (catalog number AV1-M4_SMD2_L-BK01). The replica was equipped with a KAC 12“ Free Float RAS MK12 Mod1 Quad Rail, and insides the VFC V2.1 ECS gearbox, as well as a Maple Leaf hop-up bucking and a precision barrel. The replica is also considerably light and weighs less than 3 kg.



VFC Avalon SPR

Overall length: 908/990 mm
Inner barrel length: 475 mm
Weight: 2900 g
Energy: max 2 Joule
Magazine: 120 Rds



The Colt 1911 Compact, built on the basis of a limited Colt 1911 Tactical Custom replica, is undoubtedly an accidental, unofficial novelty. The replica is said to be characterized by low gas consumption, allowing multiple shots with a single magazine charge. The full-size Colt is also accurately sized. Unfortunately, we were not able to check it, because the Polish Post, for a change, did not show its efficiency, trying to deliver the replica to the wrong address, which we found out only as the replica was on its way back...

And finally, a gas powered replica for the fans of old school designs - the M733 GBBR (catalog number VF2-M4_CL_M-BK02). The replica has a newly designed receiver with a transport handle. The stock "comes from" a real AR-15. The pistol grip is of the M16A2 type. The replica has steel sights.


VFC M733

Overall length: 660/749 mm
Inner barrel length: 275mm
Weight: 2589 g
Energy: max 2 Joule
Material: Metal, Plastic
Magazine: 30 Rds


The Vega Force Company has specialized itself in making licensed, faithful replicas of the famous firearms. They cooperate with the best brands in the world. Few people know, however, that before the company established official cooperation with companies such as Umarex, Sig Sauer or now BCM, their famous HK416 was based only on photos available on the Internet. As it turns out, little has changed in this regard. The new PSG-1 and LAR replicas were created in exactly the same way! Without blueprints, only with photos at their disposal, VFC engineers and designers design accurate replicas which perfectly replicate the dimensions of the originals. For more interesting facts, we invite you watch our interview with one of the founders of the company and its general director - Vega Kung. You will also see what the company looks from the inside.


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