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Polish MAPA camo! First photos in the field

Polish MAPA camo! First photos in the field

Polish MAPA camo! First photos in the field

When it was finally impossible to introduce the MAPA camouflage, a project designed by dr. Maciej Dojlitko, into the Polish Armed Forces, Przedsiębiorstwo Sprzętu Ochronnego Maskpol S.A. has decided to use the undoubted potential of a truly Polish and unique camo pattern on the civilian market. Will this market prove to be big enough to allow the project to be expanded with new uniforms and equipment? We will see in May when the MAPA Tactical uniform will hit the shelves of stores.




And although the prices are still kept secret, we will let you know that it will not be cheap, but not expensive either. The prices will be at the comparable to the ones of better quality uniforms. The uniform we show below is of such quality. The material is extremely pleasant to wear, the sewing is precise and the cut is comfortable and follows the "fit" trends currently popular on the market. Of course, we have our observations, but you will be able to read about them in our full review. The camouflage itself, in our subjective opinion, both in terms of effectiveness and aesthetics, is a big and attractive competition to the patterns already present on the market. There are questions about the sizes available asked around the Internet. The sweatshirt and combat jacket in the current version will be available in sizes from S to 2XL. Additionally, each size of trousers will be available in (R) regular and (L) long versions.








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