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The MEDCON ONE competition
The MEDCON ONE competition

The MEDCON ONE competition

The MEDCON ONE competition
The MEDCON ONE competition

Press release provided by the organizer

The MEDCON ONE competition one of a kind event of a rescue and tactical nature, organized on a national scale for paramilitary groups. The competition has been organized repeatedly since 2015. This year, the 5th edition will take place between 11-13/06/2021 in the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship (the exact location will be specified closer to the date).


Zawody Medcon One


The idea of the event is to select the best paramilitary group in terms of medical and tactical aspects, to integrate the community of tactical rescue enthusiasts, as well as to popularize the idea of continuous improvement of the above groups under the supervision of security specialists. Our motto is "by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts". What does it mean? It means that, as the organizers, we do not derive any material benefits from it, we do it all to have fun and to gather people similar to us in one place.


Zawody Medcon One


How does it look like?

The event consists of medical and tactical workshops conducted by specialists in the field of battlefield medicine and tactics as well as competition verifying the necessary skills. In task courses, participants are examined by instructors by performing various tasks which are prepared by professionals in their field. How the teams will handle them affects the final score and the place taken. The tasks take place during the day and at night.


Zawody Medcon One


Who are we?

The initiative to create such a series of events was born in the Wrocław branch of the national SGO formation, namely SGO WORT. In order to increase the quality and scale of the event this year, members of the entire formation committed to help with the organization. It gave us an even greater boost of energy and willingness to act. As a formation, we actively participate in many sports, shooting and medical events. More information about us can be found here:


Formacja SGO


Who supports us?

Over the years, our activity has been noticed by many companies that have decided to trust us and support our activities by sponsoring awards for the best teams, promoting the event or suggesting some interesting ideas. This year, we managed to get the main sponsor of the event, which is ResQline, a company producing medical equipment.

Zawody Medcon One - Resqline

Instructors, many of who come from Polish units such as GISW, JWK, Agat, Formoza and many others, currently run their own companies on the civil market. It is they who will prepare tasks for the participants and then evaluate their actions from both the medical and tactical side.

We also have volunteers, i.e. all those who decide to help us directly in the organization by playing one of the assistants at a task point, in logistics activities, by documenting the event and in many other ways.


Zawody Medcon One - Wolontariusze


Where can you find us?

The fastest way to contact us is our Facebook website. There you will find a lot of information and materials from previous years. If you want to take part in the competition - do not hesitate! Registration takes place in waves that correspond with the amount of the application fee. The number of available places (teams) is also limited. If you want to help us in the organization - please contact us and join our group.
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Video from the 4th edition:


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