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15th International All-round Shooting Games
15th International All-round Shooting Games

15th International All-round Shooting Games

15th International All-round Shooting Games
15th International All-round Shooting Games

We took part in the 15th International All-round Shooting Games by invitation from 5.11 Tactical, the technical sponsor of the competition. We were supposed to prepare a photo report, and finally we also personally supported one of the two teams under the 5.11 Tactical banner. We took photos and we shot.

Last weekend, experienced shooters and gun enthusiasts from all over Poland and Europe met in Rembertów. Among 206 participants, divided into 53 teams, we saw participants from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania and Italy. NATO soldiers from the USA, Great Britain, Croatia and Romania, stationed in Poland, also participated. There were also familiar faces known from the airsoft community.


Otwarcie XV Międzynarodowego Wieloboju Strzeleckiego

The opening


The formula of the competition assumes the start of a 4-men team in eleven static shooting competitions with weapons provided by the organizer. As Andrzej Domański, president of the SBS Salwa association, responsible for the organization of the competition, explained in our conversation, the real skill is to be able to shot with any weapon, not only those you own. One test shot was fired at the targets and usually 10 more were scored. 11 competitions were prepared, in which the participants could test themselves in shooting with carbines and rifles at 100 and 200 meters. KBK AK, MSBS GROT, HK416 and PK (military version) were waiting at designated ranges. At 50m, shooting was done with a suppressed BRS99, at 40m with a slug loaded shotgun, and at 25m using a Beryl 22LR version and then with CZ P09, VIS100, HK Match pistols. The eleventh competition was a grenade throw.


The whole competition was prepared very professionally. Starting from attracting excellent sponsors (the list is given below), the offer of which could be seen at the stands, offering excellent prizes (in individual classification, the best participants won weapons and a backpack 5.11, among other things), through the registration procedure, organized transport by military trucks between long range shooting ranges, accommodation in tents set up by the organizer (capricious weather made the owners of warm sleeping bags much better at it), and catering. There was a VIP zone waiting for the chosen ones, the army staged an orchestra on the stage, which entertained the participants with excellently performed movie soundtrack hits. At the range with the MSBS GROT, the army set up a Leopard tank which could be seen from the inside. All this, plus the participants, made the two days spent in Rembertów in a very positive experience. The competition was conducted in accordance with the PZSS regulations.


Zwycięską okazała się drużyna z Estonii - Parnuma Kaitseliit. Drużyna kapitana Riivo Liin wygrała po raz pierwszy, ale od lat plasuje się w ścisłej czołówce więc zwycięstwo zostało wypracowane. W klasyfikacji indywidualnej (łącznie punkty zdobyte we wszystkich kategoriach) zwyciężył zawodnik Komendy Stołecznej Policji Tomasz Wróbel, który jednak tylko dwoma punktami wyprzedził zawodnika, wspomnianej zwycięskiej drużyny z Estonii. 

Reprezentacja Estonii

The winners, team Parnuma Kaitseliit from Estonia


Individual classification: 1st place Tomasz Wróbel - 766 points; 2nd place Priit Avarma - 764 points; 3rd place Mariusz Baran - 759 points. There were also awards for places in individual competitions. A great score of 102 points shooting with PK at 200m was achievet by private first class Marcin Nowicki from the 1WBPm who won this competition. It is also worth mentioning Magdalena Lach, who outclassed other participants shooting with the HK416 at 200m for the first time. Paweł Lipiński, known as Aster from NAJEBA Squad in the Polish airsoft community, who was the member of the Rednecks Podlasie team, surprised everyone and managed to take first place with KBK AK at 100m. Congratulations from our team to Paweł Jatczak from 5.11 Tactical, for taking second place in shooting with the VIS100 pistol and being 16th in the general classification.

Magdalena Lach


The competition was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of National Defense, the 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade. T. Kościuszko, the Poviat Starosty in Wołomin and the Wołomin Commune.

Sponsorzy XV. Międzynarodowego Wieloboju Strzeleckiego

Sponsors' stands


The prizes were funded by Sellier & Bellot, Fabryka Broni "Łucznik" Radom, Cenzin, Poviat Starosty in Wołomin, Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, Oknoplast, U Barbórka, FAM Pionki, BRUNOX, MTM Deweloper, 5.11 Tactical, Delta Optical, Promgaz, ProTech Gens, PP2 , Department of Armaments, PWiK Wołomin, MZO Wołomin, ZEC Wołomin, PK Wołomin, MDK Wołomin and OSiR "Huragan" in Wołomin.

See you next year!





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