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A new shotgun by Smith and Wesson
A new shotgun by Smith and Wesson

A new shotgun by Smith and Wesson

A new shotgun by Smith and Wesson
A new shotgun by Smith and Wesson

Smith and Wesson - a synonym for a revolver (Dirty Harry and his "Magnum") in recent times has been trying to gradually gain new markets. Among the popular products in the S&W catalogue, we can find, apart from revolvers, pistols and carbines from the M&P (Military and Police) series.



The weapon is not very popular with professionals and hobbyists yet, but it is gradually gaining the market mainly due to its good price-quality ratio. It is worth mentioning that S&W rifles are used by many police forces around the world.


This time, Smith and Wesson decided to enter the shotgun market, but not in their classic version, as can clearly be seen by looks of the M&P12.


It is not difficult to be tempted to compare it to the well-known Kel Tec KSG design and someone who does it is not too mistaken, because the M&P 12 is a pump action shotgun, feed similarly to the KSG from two separate tubular magazines holding 6 rounds of 12/76 ammo or 7 rounds of 12/70 ammo each.



Together with a round in the chamber, this gives a maximum capacity of 15 rounds. The shotgun is equipped with a switch that allows for quick switching between magazines, which gives the user the opportunity to shoot with different types of ammunition depending on the needs and the situation.



The shotgun, due to its bullpup design, is loaded at the rear section from the bottom. After firing a shot, the shells are also ejected downwards, and the weapon is additionally equipped with a button to facilitate loading (by lightly pressing the button) and complete unloading of the shotgun (by full pressing of the button).


It can be said that the shotgun is AR15 user-friendly, because the safety/selector switch is almost identical and was positioned in the same way as in the carbines of this series.


In addition, the pistol grip, which itself is equipped with four pads of different sizes, is interchangeable with AR carbine's grips, which means practically unlimited possibilities of adapting this element to one's preferences.


The forearm and the barrel cover are equipped with M-Lok slots for mounting grips, tactical lighting and laser sights.




At the top of the shotgun, there is a universal picatinny rail for mounting optics or iron sights as the shotgun is sold without them.
Compared to the Kel Tec KSG, the M&P12 shotgun is heavier by about 400 grams, depending on the version, and is also more expensive, as the manufacturer's suggested price is $ 1165 compared to $ 850- $ 950 for the KSG model.


Time will tell if the bullpup shotguns with their expanding offer will find a wider audience, but it seems that Smith and Wesson has moved out of the comfort zone a bit and, like other manufacturers (Glock and "its" rifle), is starting to listen to customers and their needs.

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