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Speedsoft HX24 Supercomp .38 by AW Custom
Speedsoft HX24 Supercomp .38 by AW Custom

Speedsoft HX24 Supercomp .38 by AW Custom

Speedsoft HX24 Supercomp .38 by AW Custom
Speedsoft HX24 Supercomp .38 by AW Custom

The AW Custom company has presented new replicas in its offer. These are the HX24 Supercomp .38 models in numerous variants, based on the design of the HiCapa 5.1 replicas. The manufacturer itself describes them as a very precise fit (smaller tolerances in the dimensions of the parts were used), which is to translate into stronger sensations during shooting.


The replica itself will be equipped with a single-piece slide with a large number of ports and ribbing to improve the grip when racking, a single-piece outer barrel and compensator setup (it is not screwed on), adjustable fiber optic sights, threads for the most popular pistol sights, a magwell for the grip and additional cutouts for fingers in the trigger guard.


The internal parts are a 166 mm inner barrel, a reinforced nozzle system and a stronger blow back, single and automatic fire modes (semi and semi-auto versions are also available), a modular trigger assembly, an under-barrel accessory rail. Due to the design and weight distribution, the replica is supposed to have a minimal muzzle climb. The muzzle velocity using 0.2 BBs is to be 350 fps, the weight of the replica with a magazine is about 1.3 kg. No information was given about the standard of parts and the interchangeability of magazines. There will be a choice between a uniform black replica and one with silver parts. It was not specified what materials the replica will be made of nor the release date or the price. There were only recently listed at the manufacturer's store.



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