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Control system by Perun for the Kriss Vector replica by Krytac

Control system by Perun for the Kriss Vector replica by Krytac

A new product announcement has appeared at Perun's website. It is a control system for Kriss Vector replicas by Krytac.


It is to be characterized by a design that does not require any modifications to the gearbox, and does not even require opening it for installation. The system itself is to be based on a microswitch at the trigger and an optical sensor at the fire selector. Standard options include precoking, an adjustable active break, cycle control, rate of fire control, diagnostic and safety systems, cooperation with DSG gears. Due to the specifics of the replica and the separation of the safety and the fire selector, programming will be done using the fire selector and each of its positions can be freely programmed. The colored LEDs indicating the programming modes will be visible after removing one of the pins. Also the circuit breaker and the spring tension release using the safety will be preserved and fully functional. The current protection will not affect the start-up time of the system and there should be no delay between taking the safety off and shooting. The very premiere of the product is announced at the end of this year. However, the price was not disclosed.




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