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An unusual speedloader

An unusual speedloader

An unusual speedloader

While browsing the Internet, one can find many interesting projects by players. One of the more interesting and practical is the electric and programmable speedloader.


Externally, the design is based on the NATO box for 7.62x51 mm rounds due to its robust design. The control unit was used is not stated, but it is possible to program 5 different programs with a different number of balls to be dispensed. This is done via a control knob and an internal LED display. The loader itself, apart from counting BBs, can also load them with a force of up to 160 N, so it should easily handle the most hardened midcaps. It is equipped with two nozzles as standard: one for unloading magazines and the other for loading standard AEG magazines. There are also adapters for loading gas magazines and various grenades. The box itself holds up to 8,000 BBs and it is possible that there will be more capacity versions available.


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While ordinary players will not be interested in such a product, it may be an interesting item for the game organizers. Imposed capacity limits, the type of BBs used (for example, only BIO) and the need to recharge magazines only in a given location could be easily enforced. It would definitely have a good effect on morale, where instead of stuffing 10-12 magazines with the popular "syringe" type speedloader, 3 minutes would be enough for a charge. For large events, it could be an interesting addition or even an element of the game (having to pay for ammunition and its limitation). The loader itself costs between € 245 and € 299 and € 16 for additional adapters. There are also some delivery costs from the Netherlands. Power is supplied from an internal battery pack, but surely an appropriate LiPo battery or other should work also.


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The speedloader is available at the Team Vanguard store, you can also order through their FANPAGE where they publish production materials and information on deliveries or new ideas.

And how do you see the use of such gadgets? Is there anyone willing to buy one?



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