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A mix of UMP and AR-15 by DE

A mix of UMP and AR-15 by DE

A mix of UMP and AR-15 by DE

Double Eagle has significantly expanded its replica offer, which we have already written about. Recently, the LWRCI SMG .45 replica was presented again, which was heavily inspired by the UMP.




The replica itself will probably still be made of steel and aluminum, like the real firearm, and will have manipulators as in the AR-15. As one can see, there are a lot of mounting rails including an integrated picatinny rail on the top of the replica. The stock is the most interesting part: the presented versions had the so-called "brace" and stocks similar in appearance to the ACR or SCAR series.





No information about the internal configuration of the replica was disclosed but one can expect a gearbox known from the M900 series of replicas of this manufacturer. The only sure thing is the presence of the widely known Falcon electronic control system will be on board. Everything will be clarified soon, as replicas have been announced for Christmas.



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