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MAS 36 is coming
MAS 36 is coming

MAS 36 is coming

MAS 36 is coming
MAS 36 is coming

An unexpected information appeared on the Internet about the upcoming replica of the French MAS 36 bolt-action rifle from the Second World War. The replica is to be of high quality with a high level of accuracy: internal parts made of steel using CNC technology, a wooden stock, a receiver made entirely of steel with the use of CNC, It is to be feed from exchangeable magazines. How the replica will be powered remains a mystery, but the most likely solution is a a spring powered replica. The actual photos of the replica were not shown yet therefore, for those who are not familiar with it, we present the original and its various versions.




SWIT has announced the release of the first materials showing the prototype next month and the release of the first batch of 200 replicas for this summer. The price remains a mystery at the moment. Maybe there will also be other versions of this design, such as the MAS 36 CR39 parachute version or the FR F1 sniper version?






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