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MOA Camping Fest 2022
MOA Camping Fest 2022

MOA Camping Fest 2022

MOA Camping Fest 2022
MOA Camping Fest 2022

On April 1-3, the MOA Camping Fest 2022 fair was held in Taiwan, in which we participated remotely. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in Taiwan, the existing fair located in the World Trade Center building near Taipei 101, has been moved to an open space. The new form also offered more program possibilities and, according to the organizer, Eric Chu of QRF.Mag, probably in this form, MOA will continue in the future.

The MOA Camping Fest included both outdoor and airsoft producers such as Vega Force Company, Modify, CL Design Project, LCT Airsoft, PAF and many others. For 3 days at the stands, one could see the latest products (sometimes not officially announced yet), but also those already present in the permanent offer of the exhibitors. Among all of them, one could see a new version of the already known Action Army pistol, i.e. the AAP01C .





At the moment, the release date is unknown, nor have the detailed parameters of the new replica have been given. Externally, the attention is drawn to the new design with a different grip texture, the external firing mode switch, different than in the previous version. The receiver itself has been equipped with an integrated section of a RIS rail on the top with cutouts allowing for the use of factory-made fiber optic sights. An additional muzzle device in the form of a compensator has an additional under-barrel section of a RIS rail for mounting lasers and flashlights. The Narcos company was also present at the fair, mainly known for its conversions and parts for the already mentioned AAP01 pistols.




TTI Airsoft showed its new gun. The TP22 COMPETITION is to be a gas-powered replica based on the Taurus TX 22. In addition to the standard parts such as a double-sided slide stop and safety, a clearly slimmed down slide and a firing mode switch, there is a reflex sight mount located directly on the outer barrel and a factory TDC hidden under it. Such solutions may be of particular interest to speedsoft players and IPSC Action Air competitors.






They also showed another conversion for the AAP01.




At the Modify stand, one could see the already known replicas of the Steyer Scout rifle, Mod 24 or a series of AEG XTC replicas.





Archwick showed new replicas. These are the licensed SPR 300 PRO and L119A2.


The SPR 300 PRO to a replica of a city sniper rifle with an integral silencer, a folding adjustable stock, and thus a length not exceeding 1 meter with the stock unfolded and weighing less than 2 kilograms. This is due to the fact that the lower part of the receiver is made of polymer and the upper part is made of milled aluminum.




Inside we will find a steel cylinder with a capacity of 45 m3, factory TDC and a 6.03 mm barrel with a length of 300 mm and an adjustable steel 90 degrees trigger assembly. Thanks to some changes, it is possible to feed BBs in two different ways: using the VSR standard with its magazines or using an adapter that allows the replica to be used with dedicated AR-15 magazines inserted as in the real firearm.




A conversion for left-handed users will also be available. Of course, the receiver features full B&T markings. The replica is expected to appear around October, and its announced price will be around US $ 450-500.

Another interesting product to be released soon is a replica of the L119A2, a weapon used by British SAS operators.




Various versions will be available: gas-powered ones in the GHK standard, gas-powered in the MWS standard by Tokyo Marui and conversion for the MWS AEG standard by Tokyo Marui. The receiver is to be made of aluminum machined using CNC with the handguard and the upper receiver made as a single part. The replica will have a steel outer barrel, a characteristic charging handle, two-sided steel manipulators, a proprietary pistol grip and a hard case with a sponge cutout for the replica in the set. In addition, thanks to the cooperation with Cybergun and EMG, it will be possible to enjoy the full markings of the manufacturer, i.e. Colt Canada.



More gas replicas were also shown by the Vega Force Company. One of them is a licensed replica of the Colt model 733, known for example from the cult movie "Heat".




In addition, there were gas FN FAL replicas presented in the previous year. More information has been provided, including a release date planned for Q3/Q4 and a price of around US $ 700.




The 84mm M3 Carl Gustaf grenade launcher was also shown, which we also wrote about HERE.




Another gas submachine gun was shown by Northeast Airsoft presenting a new UZI replica.




Fully metal design with the Open Bolt system powered by both long GreenGas magazines with a capacity of 42 BBs and short CO2 magazines holding 25 BBs, depending on the version, should generate about 1.2J or 1.45J.






In addition to the popular version with a folding stock, there will also be a less known version with a fixed wooden stock. The whole thing should cost about 460 € and the planned release date of the replicas is at the turn of May and June.

LCT Airsoft, in turn, announced a new version of the recently released SVD. It is to be a version with more durable gears, a new MOSFET system with Active Break function and a different system instead of the classic contact switch. The presented unit with these improvements allowed for very quick firing of one shot after one another. At the stand itself, one could find an exhibition presenting manufactured accessories and replicas.






During MOA Camping Fest, CL Projekt Design also showed up with the flagship product in the form of the CZ Shadow 2 replica. According to Clarence Lai "Airsoft Surgeon", the new internal and external parts used are to compete with the popular Hi-Capa platform and even surpass it.




In addition to the aforementioned CZ Shadow 2, accessories for the Dan Wesson revolver replica were also presented: new grips, a set of springs allowing to reduce the trigger pull from 4 kg (9 lb) to 1.4 kg (4 lb), a belt for carrying speed loaders with shells and a new line of Bushido BBs (weighing 0.20 - 0.30 g standard, 0.32 - 0.40 biodegradable and 0.20 - 0.25 green tracers).




There was also a limited series of gas-powered replicas of the Ruger 10/22. The replicas are certainly distinguished by the unusual handguard and the precision of the shot, thanks to the fact that they are largely made with the use of CNC machines and using the best parts.




All CL Projekt Design parts and replicas are now available for purchase in Europe from the official distributor, Shield Sports.

Another curiosity was presented by AceTech known from tracers, including the popular Bifrost model. Their new product is a Quark tracer for shotguns, currently only suitable for the KSG Kel Tec replica by Tokyo Marui.




This product is to be able to illuminate red and green tracer BBs, have 11 colors of imitation muzzle flash imitation and power supply from an integrated battery charged via a USB-C connector. In addition, the tracer has a built-in tactical flashlight (unfortunately no parameters were given) with a built-in sensor, thanks to which it is turned on when the barrel is raised to the level and automatically turns off when it is lowered. Another presented set is a dedicated flash hider with an integrated Bifrost-M tracer for Kriss Vector replicas. The silencer is designed for the factory muzzle device, so it is attached using a quick assembly system. The set includes one of two M-LOK mounts with a set of accessories.






Less known manufacturers with equally interesting ideas also appeared at the fair. Unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to listen to them and we can only present photos of their ideas.















For more photos visit the organizer's website QRF.mag where you can find a full photo report.



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