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3D printed M1887

3D printed M1887

3D printed M1887

Among replicas or even firearms there is a trend towards making them look like the popular foam dart pistols.




And while their design is loosely inspired by firearms, nobody thought about converting such a gun into an airsoft replica. However, a gifted YT creator named Valor Airsoft constructed a working airsoft replica and it's based on the UDL M1887 foam dart gun available on a popular Chinese portal.




The mere fact of converting a foam dart gun into a working airsoft replica is admirable. In addition, there are very few replicas with a lever action mechanism on the market. The design itself, previously allowing for the ejection of empty dark casings, and now using standard VSR parts and ones made in 3D printing, generates a stable 300 fps usign 0.2g BBs, i.e. about 0.8J.


<iframe title="YouTube video player" src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"> </iframe>


VSR parts include the HU bucking band, barrel, hop up chamber and magazines. The whole thing, thanks to a very short design, despite being made of plastic, works surprisingly smoothly. The replica does not shoot far but it seems to be ideal for use in historical events, LARPs or ordinary games with lower FPS limits. The author himself made it possible to create such a replica by purchasing files for printing 3D parts and converting ones own foam dart gun into a replica. Additionally, all the necessary parts are listed on the site where the files are shared LINK .






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