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EVENT: XVI International Combined Shooting Competition
EVENT: XVI International Combined Shooting Competition

EVENT: XVI International Combined Shooting Competition

EVENT: XVI International Combined Shooting Competition
EVENT: XVI International Combined Shooting Competition

It is not easy to be able to start a combined event. It is very popular not only among Polish shooters, so free spots disappear very quickly. We are all the more pleased with the opportunity to take part in this competition once again, as participants and this time also one of the media patrons.






The International Combined Shooting Competition for the Cup of the Minister of National Defense is organized every year by the SBS Salwa association at the shooting range and training ground of the 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade in Rembetów-Wesoła. Participants compete in teams of four in 11 competitions that deal with shooting at various distances with weapons prepared by the organizers, usually provided by sponsors. This presents a challenge, because before a competitor need to have a good eye, a weapon usually only given for 3 minutes, during which the competitor has time to fire two practice shots and 10 proper ones. Despite the organizer's assurances that all weapons were zeroed in, usually it was impossible to shoot well without corrections. On the other hand, the competitions are held in a friendly atmosphere, where good experiences and integration are equally important.







This year's Combined Competition, which lasted from June 20 to 22 (the actual part takes place on Saturday), welcomed more participants than last year. Even though not all of them arrived, 274 participants, divided into 69 Polish and foreign teams, took part in most of the competitions. There were 11 shooting ranges at the disposal of participants. The 25 meters range was used to shoot with the VIS100 and HK Match pistols, the Colt Python revolver, as well as a rimfire rifle and pistol (Smith&Wesson SW22 Victory) and a smoothbore shotgun (loaded with a slug). At the 100 meters range, one could test their skills with the KBK AK and MSBS GROT, and at 200 meters, just like last year, with the HK416 and the PK LMG. The latter gave the participants a lot of joy, because precise shooting with the PK at 200m was not easy, so it happened that the pleasure of pulling the trigger won at the cost of the target score... The grenade throwing competition also provided amusement. It was also not easy to hit the symbolic tank turret.




Military trucks provided transport between distant ranges. Due to the time shift of the shooting windows, it was undoubtedly a facilitation. Unfortunately, due to capricious weather, a greatest delay occurred at the 200 meters range, the one with the HK416 and the PK. Strong wind, breaking the targets every now and then, took its toll there, and shooting often had to be stopped. As a result, on the above-mentioned range, the delay reached 4 hours and some teams did not get to shoot in these two competitions (they resigned, including ours), agreeing to a drop in the general ranking. For this reason, the official closing and award ceremony took place late in the evening. It does not change the fact that the competition is organized very well and the rigor of the starts is adhered to, which means that most of the event ran very smoothly. In addition to refined logistics and conducting the competition itself, the organizer also provides participants with accommodation (depending on the interest, in a tent or a hotel), food and finally a farewell dinner.





The competition lasted from the early morning to late evening. Participants had the opportunity to follow their progress and position in the ranking on a regular basis at a dedicated website of the competition. Last year's winners, Parnumaa Kaitseliit from Estonia, handed over the cup of the Ministry of National Defense to the new champions. This year's competition was won by the "Polish Association of Firearms and Sports Shooting Collectors" team from Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. The second place was taken by the "Obrońca Troszyn" club, the third place was taken by the "CSS" team from Częstochowa. The best competitor in the individual classification turned out to be Przemysław Wasilewski from "CSS" from Częstochowa. The full list of team and individual results in individual competitions can be found on the following page:











Very attractive prizes provided by sponsors were waiting for the participants: Sellier&Bellot and Cenzin PGZ (general sponsors), 5.11 Tactical and the Factory Weapons (technical sponsors), as well as from the Delta Optical, FAM Pionki and many other industries supporting the competition from the logistics side. List of awards: KBK AK rifle, VIS 100M1 pistol (2 pcs), Colt revolver, HK SFP9 pistol, Schmeisser rifle (2 pcs), Mossberg shotgun, HUNT shotgun, FMK pistol (2 pcs), and 5.11 Tactical bag Mission Ready (4), FAST-TAC 24 Backpack (11), RAPID PL 1AA (11), TAC A3 Glove (11). The 5.11 Tactical technical sponsor also provided commemorative caps and t-shirts from the competition for each participant, as well as dressed the competition staff in polo shirts.






We invite You to view the photo report. More photos are on our Facebook fanpage. Pictures: Paulina Duda and Medard Starzycki.

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