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New LCT Airsoft accessories
New LCT Airsoft accessories

New LCT Airsoft accessories

New LCT Airsoft accessories
New LCT Airsoft accessories

Recently, new products for replicas of eastern design will be added to the offer of LCT Airsoft accessories and spare parts.



A new pistol grip for the AK replicas has appeared. Unlike the standard grip, we have an integrated trigger guard and a magazine release lever. The trigger guard itself is also enlarged for easier operation with gloves. The grip has a texture in the form of horizontal and diagonal stripes on the sides and on the back and has no grooves for fingers. Behind the trigger, there is a piece that looks like a button, but has only an aesthetic function. Information on compatibility with various models is available on the manufacturer's website. Price and availability were not disclosed yet.


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The announcements included new parts for AS VAL replicas. It will be an accessory rail for mounting on the silencer. Made of aluminum, it is to have 3 sides for mounting accessories. Most likely there will be 2 versions available: short with 4 slots and long with 7 slots. In this case, it is not known when the release can be expected.



The accessories series for RPK replicas were also reminded of.









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