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Usually, when changing the power supply of GBB replicas from magazines to HPA and an adapter for M4/MP5 magazines/or any other that the owner has come up with, one has to take into account some sacrifices. One of them is the need to constantly control the number of BBs and the inability to block the slide/bolt in the rear position. A solution to some of these problems (and one or two in addition) is offered by Airtac UK and the new HPA adapter.

Sim Mag allows one to use an insert with the air supply to the system and still have interchangeable magazines that fit in the grip. They are similar in appearance to AEP magazines, but they are an original design of the manufacturer. The BBs in it are arranged in two stacks, which gives a capacity of 32 BBs for the standard length magazines and 40 for the extended ones. The operation of the entire system allows the slide/bolt to remain in the rear position after the last BB is fired, no freezing of the system, constant air supply and thus constant performance. At the moment, the conversion has been created for the HiCapa platform, but it is also to be made for Glocks and P09 CZ.


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In addition to this novelty, Airtac UK's offer includes many other adapters for the already mentioned pistols for MP5 and M4 magazines.




More exotic products include an HPA adapter for the Sten replica by NorthEast Airsoft, a drum HPA magazine for the VZ.61 or the MP7, a magazine with an adapter for the MP5 NGRS replicas by Tokyo Marui. They also offer slides or personalized magazine floor plates, adapters for Odin chargers and many others.







The technology used in the production is 3D printing in MJF technology. The result are high-precision prints with a visible lack of layers.
Some may be interested in the ongoing work on adapters for VZ.61, GHK G5, KC02, MSW, CZ P09, MP7 V2 by Vega Force Company or the mighty Desert Eagle.
All designs can be found on the manufacturer's website or via their fanpage.





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