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Trainer by Strike Industries

Trainer by Strike Industries

Strike Industries - a manufacturer of firearms accessories, introduced a small, but it seems to be a useful gadget - the Strike Clicker trainer.

The trainer allows one to simply train their trigger finger or thumb. The gadget takes the form of what we can safely call a "clicker" the size of a pendant, gate remote control or a larger car key.

The trainer comes as a kit for self-assembly, like a model of an airplane or a tank.

The resistance of the trainer is about 1 kg. The form, weight and price ($ 8.95) of the new AI accessory allows for easy training virtually anywhere and anytime.

The "Clicker" does not resemble a gun, and it will not arouse suspicion or anxiety in bystanders. The manufacturer also mentions other uses of the gadget - a de-stress device or a tool for working with a dog, used to positively reinforce the animal.

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