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Another Guinness World Record broken together with G&G Armament

Another Guinness World Record broken together with G&G Armament

After breaking the record for longest shot, it was time for another record.

Together with G&G Armament, our compatriot Jarosław Trzpil "Roddy" broke the Guinness record for the greatest number of accurate shots on target within 1 minute. Breaking the record had to take place in very controlled conditions: the whole thing was done under the supervision of official judges, at a distance of 30 meters, using a G&G SR-15 E3 Mod2 replica with an 11.1 3000mha TITAN battery meeting the following requirements - 0.98 J, 320 fps, weight of 0.30g BBs used, firing only on single fire, fed from midcap magazines with a capacity of 90 BBs. The target was 60 × 60 cm. All shots were then scored and the BBs collected in the target net and counted. The official score was 191 BBs that hit the target, which sets a new record. You can watch the breaking of the record on the Roddy Airsoft channel.


Further feats of our compatriot can be found on his channel YT and FB.





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