Trwa ładowanie

Twoja przeglądarka jest przestarzała. Niektóre funkcjonalności mogą nie działać poprawnie. Zalecamy aktualizajcę lub zmianę przeglądarki na nowszą.

There already was a new WMASG website

"New WMASG" is a slogan that has become a legend more and more often presented a joke (and with good reason). The attempt to refresh and rebuild the website in 2018 turned out to be a failure. Choosing a "recommended" contractor turned out to be the biggest mistake in the portal's 21-year history, but also a valuable lesson for the future. Another company that took over the project saved the situation, but did not manage to get complete control over it in the end. The energy was expended, and without a well-functioning base, it was impossible to think about the development of the website. Than the COVID-19 lockdown came and we decided it was time to "regroup" and move forward from this new position. We stuck in an impasse until November 2020, when we started working with People More to design a new look for the portal. After numerous meetings with various developers, we already knew that the project and our expectations were much higher than we had assumed. Ultimately, the competition for a new technical partner of WMASG was won by Mobitouch from Rzeszów. On Monday, 8/08/20022, the repeatedly postponed migration process of the website to the new server was started and the WMASG version was updated. Despite many months of work, testing and introducing fixes, it was not without perturbations, but we moved on and the long-awaited further development of WMASG is ahead of us.


WMASG 2022, because "new" has already been done

For several years we watched what was happening and we wondered what direction the development of this website should take in a world dominated by social media and apps. WMASG was perceived by most users as a Forum which actually accounted for only 50% of the traffic. For others, WMASG is a Marketplace, while for us it is primarily a platform on which all relevant knowledge from the industry and the community is focused. A platform where each module is equally important. We used to say that WMASG is supposed to be the first and preferably the last place a user will come to when looking for information from our industry. For a long time, we have dreamed of transferring some of the knowledge from the forum in a more structured form to the portal part. We're going to work on it, but this time we've split the site into three zones: Airsoft, Firearms, and Equipment.


What does airsoft has to do with firearms

Airsoft guns are functional replicas of firearms, but we understand that not every airsoft enthusiast may be interested in firearms, as well as equipment that will not always be applicable to regular weekly airsoft games. Conversely, we see that we also have a lot to offer to shooters, who we have also become, who do not always look favorably at plastic BBs. Each of these zones collects publications from the entire site (except the forum, for now) in one place. For most of the WMASG "old guard" airsoft was and is the result of a wider passion for military, weapons, military technology and gear used by the best, and not for airsoft replicas themselves. As part of the development of passion for over twenty or so years, almost all of us went into shooting, as did many former and active airsofters, whom we now regularly meet at tactical shooting competitions and forums dedicated to shooters. Not only in our opinion, airsoft replicas used wisely, can be an introduction (especially for the younger generation) or a supplement to shooting, especially in tactical and force on force training. Many top sports shooters, current instructors and industry celebrities-influencers, and even soldiers, including the best of the best, have had contact with airsoft, which turned out to be the beginning of their life adventure or way of life. We understand that not everyone has to agree with this. We will strive to ensure that at WMASG one can find what is most important information from the airsoft and shooting industry and community, with a particular focus on milsim and dynamic shooting, with particular emphasis on its tactical variation.

The latest version of WMASG is the beginning of a new chapter. For years, we have been observing user needs, discussions and questions. Therefore, the successive development of WMASG's functions as a communication tool will be equipment and event-oriented. The Marketplace remains the key pillar of WMASG. Virtually every module asks for functional expansion, and we had a lot of time to gather ideas. An app would also be useful. But everything need to be done in order. Meanwhile, despite the initial optimistic assumption of starting in the second half of April, we has to push it back to mid-August and the vacation time in our team. The Mobitouch company is constantly working on the service. If you have any comments, write to as at:, they will all be forwarded. From September, we are starting a further expansion. Take care!



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