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MSPO 2022: Mundur ALFA by DURABO
MSPO 2022: Mundur ALFA by DURABO

MSPO 2022: Mundur ALFA by DURABO

MSPO 2022: Mundur ALFA by DURABO
MSPO 2022: Mundur ALFA by DURABO

DURABO is a relatively young project of Kreator. It began in 2018, and in the following year it made the brand's first collection. As part of his identity, it draws a lot from the city of Toruń, where it is based. The logo refers closely to the history of Toruń, while the Latin name translates to "I will survive". During the 30th MSPO Kielce fair, a new product from the DURABO line was presented to the public - the ALFA uniform set.


The designers are former operators of special forces units. One of them is responsible for training and implementing new technologies for the Military Commando Unit. Among other things, during his service he was responsible for the implementation of new uniforms for use in this unit.


The uniform is made of NYCO fabric composed of 50% Cordura and 50% Cotton in a Rip-stop weave. In addition, the Combatshirt on the body has a flame-retardant Polartec PowerDry knit (Modakryl 70%, Rayon 30%). Materials and threads do not shine in infrared, so they retain their color shades in night vision.


Combatshirt body is made of flame retardant Polartec PowerDry fabric (Modacryl 70%; Rayon 30%), and the sleeves of NYCO material (50% Cordura® and 50% Cotton). The Polartec fabric is characterized by good moisture management despite the seemingly heavy weight. The stand-up collar is fastened with a YKK zipper, and its profile has been cut to maintain the maximum height while ensuring comfort when moving the head.


There is space on the elbows for the installation of hard inserts, which are plugged with an additional layer of fabric without their use. In case of sandiness in the chamber, the manufacturer has preventively implemented channels to remove the unwanted sand.


The sleeves have been profiled in such a way as to cover as much of the back of the hand as possible. However, on the inside, the indentation does not interfere with strong bending in the wrist. It seems that it should not cause abrasions and there is enough space for working with gloves on. The cuffs are adjusted with Velcro, which have been trimmed so that they do not have sharp edges.
On the shoulders, there are a total of two large-capacity pockets with Velcro sewn on the outside.


The sweatshirt has identical design of the sleeves. It differs, however, in the design of the collar, which is made so that it fits snugly against the body and does not stick out. Of course, it has a Velcro-fastened stand-up collar. The YKK zipper itself does not go too high, so the collar can be freely positioned without folding the fabric.


It also has two additional pockets on the chest. Left empty, they fit nicely to the body, blending in with the lines of the sweatshirt. However, they were sewn in such a way that they have a large capacity. Combined with a chestrig, this can add a lot of extra space at the front.


Pants are anatomically designed. Where there is a need for greater fabric flexibility, a material has been used to meet this requirement. However, it is not as stretchy as the competition and it was done on purpose.


The cut allows for the use of hard knee pads and works with the popular Crye Precision model. One can also use any matching sponge or other filling. They themselves have a Velcro-fastened patch that covers the place where put the pads go. The patch itself is not removable due to the stitching on the bottom. The pressure adjustment is shifted lower towards the calf, which is to ensure better comfort. Thanks to this position, the Velcro is to be kept below the knee bend line.


The pants have as many as 12 pockets:
- two open pockets on the hips with edges reinforced on the inside,
- two covered pockets under those on the hips, zippered,
- two pockets at the front of the thighs with velcro closure,
- two pockets on the sides of the thighs with velcro closure,
- two open pockets on the sides of the thighs,
- two pockets on the sides of the calves with velcro closure. < br />
The capacity of the pants is therefore quite large and offers various configuration possibilities. An interesting option is the arrangement of cargo pockets, which allows for any configuration of carrying items while moving, from crawling to driving. Zipped pockets are there to hold keys or ID card.


There are currently three available color versions: Wolf Gray, Multicam and olive. The services have already become interested in the latter option. They were ordered by the Border Guard and are to be delivered to the implementation department at the Pyrzowice airport.

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