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ICS Airsoft with the Tomahawk model

ICS Airsoft with the Tomahawk model

ICS Airsoft with the Tomahawk model

In February, the concept art of new ICS Airsoft replicas have been revealed. Among them, the new Tomahawk, i.e. a bolt-action bullpup sniper rifle, attracted particular attention. Finally, the manufacturer showed photos of the upcoming product and revealed some information.




On board we will find a 510 mm long barrel from the Master Mod line. In addition, the factory TDC system with 3 levels of adjustment will be responsible for spinning the BB. The underside of the replica features a short section of a RIS rail for a grip or a bipod. The top rail has a large number of slots, so there will be no problems with mounting sights and gadgets. Moreover, the adjustment knob is integrated into the receiver.



The pneumatic system will have a capacity of 61 cm3. The biggest novelty is a unique system of magazines that inserted and feeding BBs from above.




Unfortunately, the whole thing is designed in such a way that left-handed use will be rather impossible. The appearance of a left-handed version is also not expected, which creates an image of a replica created only fir shooters with a dominant right hand.



The whole thing still has no release date or price, but the manufacturer will certainly share them soon.



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