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GATE Enterprise with new parts

GATE Enterprise with new parts

GATE Enterprise with new parts

The Polish manufacturer of airsoft parts, GATE Enterprise, has just announced a large package of new products.

The first one is the new rotary chamber for the M4 replicas. They are made of aluminum using CNC technology.




The new adjustment system is to guarantee perfect repeatability of shots. Also, all buckings and tensioners are to fit into the new chambers. They will be delivered with a set of different parts to best fit the replica.



In addition to the chamber, the 2nd generation of the well-known TITAN chip was also presented. TITAN II Bluetooth for V2 gearboxes [AEG & HPA] will have a Bluetooth 5.2 model for connecting to a smart phone, STATUS computer or application.




In addition, thanks to the use of new sensors detecting the position of the piston rack, the system will be able to track and detect its movement on the basis of a single tooth. This brings with it the ability to set the precocking percentage. The trigger sensor will offer even greater sensitivity (over 50 settings on the first millimeter of trigger movement).




During the design phase, there was also space for 2 ports to expand its functions. The manufacturer mentions the possibility of connecting a bolt catch and a magazine detection sensor, hop-up chamber BB illumination, flashlight and others not mentioned. It is a surprise that the new system will work with both AEG, HPA and gel-blasters.




We can find HPA among replica power systems for a reason. GATE Enterprise has just presented its new single-valve HPA PULSAR S engine that works with the already mentioned 2nd generation TITAN II. According to the manufacturer, the engine itself has additional nozzle stabilization, the ability to adjust the rate of fire from 1 to 40 rounds per second and the range of muzzle velocities between 300 and 500 fps. In addition to the dedicated engine, it will also be possible to connect other two-valve HPA engines, but no details were given. Thanks to the combination of the new system and the HPA engine, it will be possible to have the trigger sensitivity of AEG replicas, individual firing modes (including a binary trigger) and the already mentioned additional functions in an HPA replica.

A nice addition is the appearance of a complete gearbox based on the EON frame and equipped with the entire GATE pneumatic system and the new TITAN II system.





All listed products are already in pre-order at the manufacturer's store. At the time of writing the article, there is an additional pre-order discount and freebies. The prices of individual parts are: 52,48 EUR for a chamber with a set of accessories, 470,17 EUR for a complete EON gearbox with TITAN II and 414,12 EUR for the PULSAR S HPA engine with the TITAN II system . For the TITAN II system, the prices vary depending on the version, but on pre-order one can get a version one level higher than what they are paying for (i.e. from BASIC to ADVANCE, from ADVANCE to EXPERT).

The expected shipping date is November/December 2022.



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