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Krytac with the first gas replica

Krytac with the first gas replica

Krytac with the first gas replica

Krytac, known so far from AEGs, has just announced a new model. The SilencerCo Maxim 9 is the newest replica of a gas powered pistol by Krytac.




It is an airsoft equivalent of the real SilencerCo Maxim 9 pistol. The original has been designed for hidden carrying in a holster and has an integrated silencer making it safe to use without ear protection. As it is a licensed product, has full caliber markings on the chamber, the manufacturer's name on the grip and the chamber, and the production site name of the real gun on the slide.




The replica is made of polymers and 6061 T6 anodized aluminum. The whole thing looks cyberpunk, with an aggressive texture, a large bulk of the replica and an unusual system.




The design of the replica is largely modular and is adapted to mounting RMR/SRO, RMR cc and Shields RMS reflex sights, has the possibility of configuration between a long and a short version thanks to a set of interchangeable caps.






It includes a dedicated Acetech tracer that will illuminate the tracer BBs and imitate muzzle flash with orange light.




The barrel ends with an 11 mm CW thread, so the only criterion for selecting other accessories may be the size. The mechanism of the action itself is based on a split slide, in which we will find a firing mode switch located similarly as in the AAP01. Power will be provided by Green Gas or CO2 magazines with a capacity of 24 BBs.




The additional functions include a double-sided slide stop, a magazine release (original magazines will be required) or the less visible and surprising Key-Mode mounting system slots on the bottom instead of a standard accessory rail. In addition, the manufacturer immediately presented a dedicated holster. It is adapted to carry the replica with optics. It is difficult to say whether flashlights and other gadgets will also fit in the holster. It will be possible to mount both to a belt and to a platform in the Safariland ALS standard.



According to the data provided, the replica generates muzzle velocity in the range from 280 to 310 fps using 0.2g BBs (however, the power source was not specified). Depending on the configuration, the weight and dimensions will be 240 mm in length and 798 g in weight for the short version and 275 mm in length and 838 g of weight for the long version. The common inner barrel will have a diameter of 6.05 mm and a length of 115 mm.



There is a pre-order available and the price is 220-229 US, where in the set we will find a replica with a Green Gas or CO2 powered magazine (additional magazines will be sold separately for about 50 USD). The whole thing is to be available in December this year.

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