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Refreshed mounts by Norotos

Refreshed mounts by Norotos

Refreshed mounts by Norotos

Norotos is a synonym for night vision mounts in some circles.

Everyone who has dealt with modern American equipment knows the characteristic mounts called "rhino" or mounting arm, mounted on the MICH/ACH type helmets.

For some time now, Norotos products have been replaced by Wilcox mounts, especially in special forces units.

So maybe that's why the first manufacturer decided to make minor modifications to the models from its portfolio?

The first of the visible changes is the addition of rubber spacers on the inner part, which is installed in the so-called shroud - a platform mounted to the helmet.

This procedure is to ensure greater stability and eliminate any play in this section.

Another modification is the reduction of the play of individual moving parts to ensure stability in a folded position.

The last of the improved elements is the equipment of the NVG direct mount socket with a spring mechanism that ensures adequate pressure of the mounting arm to the goggles.

The aim is to eliminate the instability of the goggles (often reduced in older types of mounts with a parachute rubber) and to minimize the risk of unwanted disconnection of the NVG device.

Will the treatments restore Norotos products to greatness with the current Wilcox dominance?

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