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A selected list of conversion kits for the Action Army AAP01 replica
A selected list of conversion kits for the Action Army AAP01 replica

A selected list of conversion kits for the Action Army AAP01 replica

A selected list of conversion kits for the Action Army AAP01 replica
A selected list of conversion kits for the Action Army AAP01 replica

The replica of the AAP01 pistol by Action Army has been on the market for over 2 years. Despite only being inspired by the design of the real Ruger Mk IV (which is regretted by some within the community), the replica proved to be a recommendable design, combining the availability of parts from Glock pistol replicas, a new idea and very good workmanship by Action Army. As experience shows, the replica is still an object of desire, which quickly manifests itself in being unavailable in stores. In addition to the reliable construction, it can also be determined by the lower price shelf, as well as the design being a good platform for making various visual modifications. If one can fill the whole forum with debates about internal parts, configurations and opinions, today we will focus on a more accessible form, i.e. conversion kits for the already mentioned pistol. In the era of generally available 3D printers, the community around the gun had a lot of room to show off their creativity. In this AAP01 conversion kits list, you will find both the ones that change the classic AAP01 look to a more futuristic one, but also ones that allow to change a simple pistol into carbines and other interesting creations, recreating the designs of weapons from pop culture, games such as HALO, Cyberpunk 2077 and blasters from the Star Wars universe or simply railguns, as well as a replicas of firearms with the AAP01 as the base. Here we go.

All conversion kits shown in the photos will be summarized in forum threads. Some may require the purchase of files for 3D printing, some may be free.


Since the pistol replica offers the possibility of full-auto fire, the most common conversions for which it is used are submachine guns. In the case of Uziel Gal's design, i.e. the famous UZI, one can find many models. They usually retain the characteristic charging handle on top of the receiver, however the pistol still does not fire from an open bolt. Depending on the size of the working area of ​​the 3D printer, it may be necessary to divide the printout into parts and then screw them together. There is also a characteristic extension of the barrel, in this case screwed onto the thread of the pistol.


In a more modern edition, there is a kit to convert the AAP01 into an MP7. Apart from projects made for self-printing, there are also COMPLETE SETS available. They typically share the same receiver shape, which has been largely maintained, with a functional folding foregrip, flash hider and an adjustable stock. There was also a small detail in the form of a magazine cover to maintain the appearance of the characteristic curve.



In addition to the vertical grip, the charging handle and the stock folding mechanism are also functional. The design is well-thought-out, as evidenced by the appropriate cut out for the magazine release and the safety. When one does not look so closely, it can be considered an HK MP7.



Next to MP7 is the MP9. This is definitely more of a conversion for the fans of this design as it hasn't been replicated with as much detail.



MAC10 SMG replica.


Another modern design is the Kriss Vector coversion.



Also here one can get a wrong first impression. The receiver itself is reproduced to a large extent, but limitations in operation force the magazines to be inserted into the pistol grip. It is also impossible to store an additional magazine in the front, but this is a small flaw that can be eliminated in the design. We will not find a folding stock here, but there will be more space for mounting accessories.


From the more exotic designs, there is the CALICO M950 submachine gun. The characteristic grip and the helical magazine placed on top definitely attract attention.



Unfortunately, they are more of a decorative element, as ammunition is still fed from traditional pistol magazines. However, this is quite a unique project and the author must be given credit for the work done.


From the world of firearms, there was also a conversion kit of the famous folding pistol for concealed carry, i.e. the FMG9. The whole thing has a fairly complex design, requiring a certain amount of twisting and fitting. It is also possible that the whole will not fold as in the original due to the fixed grip, but human creativity knows no bounds and there will certainly be some solution in the form of a printed grip with a hinge.



It is also worth reminding about the G11 conversion, which we wrote about some time ago: A project of an almost perfect G11 replica



The latest conversion (unfortunately not public yet) is the KEL -TEC Sub 2000, which was shared by one Reddit user. Made with the use of 3D printing, it makes a similar cosmic impression as its firearm counterpart. While in this case the conversion kit is foldable, it is a debatable solution as the pistol still uses a short barrel that fits in a long handguard.



Pop Culture, Games, Movies & TV


In addition to conversions to firearm models, players also bring their favorite weapons from games, comics and movies to the AAP01. Handgun model borrowed from APEX LEGENDS - the WINGMAN.



Due to some basic differences (in the game, Wingman is a revolver and AAP01 is a pistol), the focus was not on maintaining an identical appearance, but only on characteristic elements. The conversion mainly changes the handguard, replacing it with a monolithic element with an upper and underbarrel mounting rail.



In addition, there are small elements in the form of a charging handle, flashlight cover and sights. In the project, the author used different types of filament (light-transmitting and fluorescent), which gives an interesting effect. However, this should be taken into account when creating conversion kits.


From the Star Wars canon (specifically "The Mandalorian" series), the BLASTER used by the character Boba Fett. It's more of a conversion that uses a lot of elements and can tolerate some changes. It is rather something for fans of the series, more of a cosmetic element than a functional one.


Another recreated blaster is the Glie -44.



The monolithic conversion allows to use it on the AAP01 after small changes in the form of removing the front sight. Unfortunately, none of the blaster models is designed to mount a tracer unit, which makes it a bit difficult to create an airsoft "blaster".

Another option for "stormtroopers" will be Captain Rex's  DC-17 blaster replica from The Clone Wars. (We hope you hit something...)


There is also a conversion kit coming from the latest production of the Polish studio CD PROJECT, i.e. Cyberpunk 2077. Unfortunately, it's not the famous talking gun, although his comments during an airsoft game would certainly be interesting.



The proposed conversion is CP2077 LEXINGTON M10AF. Miltech-produced law enforcement weapons are quite common in the game. The conversion itself comes in different variants.



There are designs where you replace the entire upper, outer barrel, and more complex designs where more parts are required, both FREE and PAID projects. One of the authors even created a ready-made holster adapted to be used with the most common platforms. There was also space for mounting a tracer, and after small modifications, it will certainly be possible to mount the reflex sight.

Fans of the HALO series will recognize M6H2 PDWS which is the standard UNSC pistol. Upon closer inspection, you can see the slide is done in a quite creative way, retention of the grip cover, planned mount for a flashlight or a laser sight and quite successful integration of a module for optics (in this case, the author used a replica of the RMR sight).




In addition to reproducing firearms and pop culture designs, AAP01 users are very creative in making upgrades and new configurations.

In this case, it's worth starting with probably one of the best known and most interesting looking conversions that transforms the pistol into a power tool. This is not a conversion created using 3D printing at home, but a full-fledged product made by C&C Tac. This kit uses very good quality polymers, with a characteristic painting. It can also be a way to smuggle another replica into the collection under the pretext of buying a power tool.




In addition to the screwdriver, every home-grown professional cannot do without a nail gun, which made SNAKE INDUSTRIES do this conversion kit. The whole thing is made in 3D printing, it has quite a lot of details.


The SRU has a high end conversion of its own, called the SRU SR-APX-01 CCK. Very similar in appearance to a PCC carbine, the construction made of polymers has an adjustable stock, a space for an additional magazine placed in the front part, an M-LOK handguard and an AR-15 style charging handle. It can certainly be of interest to fans of the AAP01 carbine version.


A similar concept can also be found in the AAP OMEGA KIT. The conversion has a more "eastern" feel due to the stock resembling those used in the SWD or the VSS. In addition to the stock, one will find quite a large number of different combinations to configure the kit in the conversion files.


The last conversion can offer double the fun. The DUO Barrel SMG Kit is a bullpup design, in which we will find not one pistol, but two. Each of them works separately and is fed from its own magazine, so one can say that the level of reliability increases. The whole thing looks surprisingly small and neat, has quite well-thought-out ergonomics and the arrangement of manipulators. Fans of close-range fights will surely like this conversion.



The Internet is certainly full of conversions we haven't mentioned here that you'd like to hear about or show off. Therefore, we encourage you to share your opinions and experiences from using them on the FORUM in the appropriate threads. Let's hope that the AAP01 will continue to be developed by both the manufacturer and the fans. It remains only to be seen when the new AAP01C model will appear in the offer next to its older brother. Will it also be as popular?



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