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CZ TS2 ORANGE pistol designed specifically for IPSC

CZ TS2 ORANGE pistol designed specifically for IPSC

CZ TS2 ORANGE pistol designed specifically for IPSC

The basic element that distinguishes this model from its predecessor, the CZ TS 2 DEEP BRONZE, is the heavier and more massive looking, polished "bull" barrel. By adding weight to this part, the speed and accuracy of the shots is reportedly improved, and in addition it is more durable. Oparation, on the other hand, can now be even more efficient, as it was decided to remodel the grooves in the slide. They are now also located at the front, which makes it much easier to grip it with the optics on the pistol.

The return spring has also been changed, thanks to which the life of the rubber bumpers has been extended. Additionally, disassembly of the weapon for cleaning has been made easier. Thanks to the use of a new assembly, the fiber optic front sight gained the option of faster and easier replacement. The frame has been adjusted to ensure greater grip comfort, while maintaining compatibility with previously offered magazines. An interesting element found in this model is designed in cooperation with the CZ shooting team. It is the thumb rest, located on the left side.

The raised and enlarged safety lever is also immediately visible. The orange duralumin parts may also seem pleasing to the eye. All this was done in accordance with the dimensions that allow the CZ TS2 ORANGE to be used in the IPSC Standard division. The pistol is to be available from January in 9 x 19 mm and 40 S&W calibers.



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