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New LPVO 1-10x by Vortex Optics

New LPVO 1-10x by Vortex Optics

New LPVO 1-10x by Vortex Optics

Some more details about Vortex Optics' secret low power variable scope have come to light.

Although this scope was already seen in leaked photos of the Glock rifle in late September, Vortex has not revealed its specifications or even officially confirmed its existence.

According to information from, the new LPVO has a variable magnification in the range of 1-10x and is shorter than another model from the manufacturer's offer - Razor. The same source indicates that the scope is 8.5 inches long (~21.6cm), weighs approximately 510g and offers reticle illumination.

Pictures show optics mounted on the KS-1 (Knight Stoner) during Knight's Armament's Eugene Stoner 100th Anniversary Celebration.

The scope described here has been in use for some time. Due to the growing interest in it, it is assumed that it will also hit the civilian market.

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