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InfiRay - new trends in thermal imaging sights
InfiRay - new trends in thermal imaging sights

InfiRay - new trends in thermal imaging sights

InfiRay - new trends in thermal imaging sights
InfiRay - new trends in thermal imaging sights

The development of thermal imaging devices for the civilian market is in full swing. Looking at the events of recent months, it would be difficult to underestimate the role that InfiRay Outdoor plays in this field.

Just over a year ago, InfiRay announced and launched a series of innovative ZOOM devices that allow to adjust the required field of view and optical zoom to a specific situation, without the need to use digital zoom and the associated loss of image quality. Just a few months later, InfiRay Outdoor plans to introduce another novelty: the Thermal+ series, which allows to combine the advantages of analog aiming optics with a thermal imaging layer in a single optical channel. Let's add that three months ago the manufacturer announced and soon included its flagship sight, the RICO RS75, the first one offering a resolution of the thermal sensor at the SXGA level, i.e. 1280x1024 pixels.


While until recently the 640x512 resolution was the characteristic of the best thermal imaging sights available on the civilian market, the RICO RS75 model introduces a revolution with its matrix consisting of 4 times more pixels. The combination of such a 12um sensor resolution with a 75-mm lens translates into impressive parameters. With a base magnification of 2x, the device can detect a human-sized object from a distance of almost 3,900 meters. The optical system at base magnification also maintains a field of view of 11.7°x9.4°, which allows to maintain high situational awareness.

The image of the RS75 sight is displayed at 30Hz on a 1.03" AMOLED display with a resolution of 2560x2560 pixels. The software also retains many options and settings known from previous InfiRay sight, including Ultra-Clear and Picture in Picture modes. The RS75 can be paired with a laser rangefinder (LRF) designed for the RICO series with a range of up to 1000 meters The device has a built-in 128GB memory that allows to record many hours of video and sound while using the sight. Power is supplied from a built-in battery (up to 6 hours of work) and external 5V power sources (USB-C).

The price of the RICO RS75 sight in Polish stores is about 18,150 EUR.


The FAST FAL19 fusion red dot sight, that recently became available, is the first product of the InfiRay manufacturer from the above mentioned Thermal+ series. Unlike products of competing companies that have introduced or are still introducing devices working in fusion based on digital images, Thermal+ devices use a single optical channel combining the advantages of traditional sights with digital thermal imaging capabilities.

The FAL19 sight has a 1x base magnification and allows traditional binocular aiming. It is also ready to work with a 3x magnifier.

The built-in thermal sensor and its software allow for displaying an additional overlay in the main optical channel of the device: full thermal imaging, highlighting the warmest objects or their outlines. It is also possible to disable the thermal image layer completely.

The thermal sensor itself generates an image with a resolution of 384x288 in 12um technology at a refresh rate of 50Hz. The thermal layer has a field of view of 13.8°x10.4°, but also gives the user the ability to take advantage of 2x digital zoom. The device is powered by 2 CR123 batteries, which are enough for 4 hours of operation using the thermal imaging layer or up to 65 hours as a traditional red dot sight. More importantly, the manual indicates that the sight also supports 3.7V batteries and external power supply via USB-C.

The FAL19 fusion sight is just the first device in the Thermal+ series. Based on the materials provided by the manufacturer, you can also expect a scope working on the same principle. No details are known yet. It is known, however, that InfiRay Outdoor plans to use this series of products to replace the use of two types of sights, day and night, with one universal solution.

The price of the FAST FAL19 sight in Polish stores is about 4300 EUR.

Image credit: Infiray Outdoor



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